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Chrissy Snow, Hicks, and the Posh

-so the really only random piece of information I have to offer you all is that I tried calling Mo this week, to remind her to pick me up for Denise's party. Well I already hate talking to people on the phone because it's really uncomfortable for me. I also almost never leave my cell phone on because nobody ever calls me on it anyway. So I went ahead and dialed Mo's number anyway, just thinking I'm going to get her voice mail. Well instead I guess I dialed the wrong number and some dude named Frank came on. Me being all panicked hung up right away, and then Frank called me back and I explained I had dialed the wrong number. Figures. This would only happen to me. Someone calls my cell phone and it's a total stranger.

-I've also decided that I'm adding you all to my myspace pages. All of you that I can find! Why I hadn't thought to do it before, I don't know. But now I'm welcoming you to my myspace page. Add me if you like!

-Ok I guess I have more random stuff to say than I thought. I ordered myself the new mcfly cd off amazon which you can only get as an import so it was kind of expensive, but I love this band (They are HUGE in England) anyway the order shipped on Nov 17th and I still haven't got the package. It was supposed to arrive by Nov 29th. Didn't happen. I emailed amazon and they told me to wait until Dec 4 to see if it came. Well that's tomorrow and I doubt I'm going to get it. I looked up the tracking info and all it says was that it was scanned in KY the day it was shipped. No other info. I really think this item got lost in the mail (or never left the warehouse) I hope that if it doesn't come on Mon that Amazon sends me another copy. But my POTC:DMC dvd and Drake's cd were just shipped today so hopefully I get that soon.

This week my mom and I put up the christmas decorations in the house

I sing in the christmas chorus....I don't care if I can't sing. It's Christmas! If I sing badly you are still supposed to say I sound lovely. Remember that!

Mom and I are in Christmas the magic of my picture taking skills

Mom really loves Christmas. She told me that she should have been named Chrissy Snow. I was like "From three's Company?" Mom still has time to change her name to that!

Oh this santa hat is giving me SUCH a headache

If you were to look inside my body (Don't do this. It's probably very gross, and besides you would need my permission, but if you did...) This is exactly what my hart would look like. Velvet and it has a tattoo on it. It says love. I was going to go for it to say Bubba...but yeah I went with “Love” instead.

I do not want this santa to visit my house. You just know he’s saving up such an evil laugh

The evil twins....“do you want to play?”

Yeah that’s right. That ornament is MINE! I ME MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

The christmas tree looked quite nice (Though I missed missy yelling at me for not putting lights up right)

We got a new nativity. It’s all serious and stuff. No Las vegas manger this year. No more crazy, flashy, lights, or evil donkey’s or a huge baby jesus while all the rest of the people in the nativity are smaller than him. It’s sad. I kind of miss the las vegas manger. Mom said “I thought you guys made fun of it” I said “Yes. That is why we miss it. If anyone wants to look at what our manger usually looks like you can look up my past’s one of the first posts I ever made.

So on Sat 12-2-06 Mo took me to Natick for Denise’s 30th birthday party!
it was at a hall and you could either dress as a hick or dress in black tie. I was sad Missy and Jamie couldn’t make it. You guys would have had a ton of fun. And Joelle couldn’t make it either! Guys, hopefully you will see this entry and feel like you were there!

I did some pre dancing at my house because I was sure I wasn’t going to dance at the party (Little did I know what was to happen hours later)

This is my hitchin’ a ride dance! Wouldn’t you pick me up off the side of the road?

I sing and dance at the same time! It’s a crazy disaster all around! Fun for all!

In the car ride I got excited when I saw A coca cola plant. (Why that made me excited, I’m not quite so sure)

First thing Denise said to me when she saw me was “Nice poof” I think it’s safe to assume she was talking about my hair! That’s right denise! I poofed just for you! (Mo we didn’t have another diamond dan camera incident)

I got myself in trouble as soon as I walked in. Ok if you know me you know that when I go to an unfamiliar place I always look to see where the restroom is first. So Chad asks “Where’s the mens room?” and I point to him where it is and I said “I always look for that whenever I go somewhere.” “The mens room?” he asks. Oh I couldn’t recover from that blunder. The whole night jokes were made about this. At the end of the night I told Heather to tell Mo I was in the restroom. “You mean the mens room?” she jokes. Ok I’m never going to live that one down.

Chad....hmmmm wonder if he’s a hick or black tie (Haha) Yes those are pigs on his suspenders! I’ve decided he’s my rival when it comes to who can take the most photos in a night. He certainly has creative methods for his picture taking, that’s for sure!

See hicks and the posh can eat together in peace ( I told everyone my story of how I was too lazy to get dressed twice that day so went out all day all dressed up fancy) I liked how Heather said that even if they went to the thrift store where they live they still would look too nice...haha

made up caption time

Mike(That was his name right???oh god I hope it is)- I’m a sleepy hick. They are the worst kind
Jesse-If I had guns I would so pull them out right now
Karl-Don’t you be looking at my girl
Amanda-I’m the happiest hick on the planet!
Chad-My silence speaks volumes!
Jed-I’m loving Mrs. Claus! She’s my homie!
Eeek!Girl I can’t remember her name(this is getting embarrassing)-No I’m the happiest hick on the planet

Mo and denise

Amanda came to visit our table. I decided that even though I hadn’t realized it at the time, I was part Hick because i had on my 5 dollar plastic blue neon blue watch that I can’t even set to the right time. Amanda is a smart hick because a few minutes later she had fixed my watch which was more messed up than I knew “TODAY ISN’T SUNDAY!!!!!” Lol

Then some dancing started....Sandra was in mourning...she was wearing a veil....hehe

I guess you can always count on Jenny for some fun/crazy dancing. Her one foot hop was exceptional.

I joined the non dancing table. Jed and I talked about the new Beatles cd and showed off our pics on our cameras. I have pictures on there that I recently took (to be posted next week) of my further adventures in the attic. My second verbal blunder, where things come out the wrong way happened here. I am trying to explain to Karl (Who I showed my pictures to as well) that when I’m bored I make my own fun and go crazy in the attic. I end up saying something like “When I’m bored I have a lot of fun with myself” Oh that didn’t come out right at all. Karl joked he wasn’t sure he wanted to see the pictures!

Taking a photo of Jed taking a photo of me!

Amanda worked hard on my watch while Karl worked hard on fusing wires. He’s a scientist! (Really he just wanted to make something with the spiral table decorations)

Dude, he made a bunny! I was Quite Impressed. Somebody should have given him an award

During this time that song that goes “I believe in miracles....where you from? You sexy thing” (Yeah I think those are the lyrics,) came on and Mo said that she loved that song ever since she saw a boy dancing to it in a store. I seriously thought that she saw this boy like a day ago. Yeah I guess it happened a lot longer ago than that.

Someone also asked Mo if she had seen “The Full Monty” and she replies. “Bits and pieces” To which Karl and I burst out laughing. He was happy I picked up on the joke!

Amanda has to stop hearing the ends of people’s conversations! Everything just sounds wrong!

There was a guest book where we had to sign in but we also signed in random people. I made sure big fat aorta signed in (Amanda and I sang the song) and I suggested Snuffalupagus (How DO you spell it?) signed in. Lots of discussion on what his name was and how to spell it.

Amanda likes the men’s room as much as I do (I’ll send you this pic well as the big blue gay bunny from the last roller derby. I promised Karl I’d send you the picture)

Amanda did an interpretive dance in Denise’s honor

Then awards were given out for best dressed male and female hick. Denise goofed and said Chad was a contender for best dressed FEMALE hick! (hilarious) He didn’t win, but Amanda won in her category! You go girl! Great effort indeed

I made joe eat his tie

So then people were dancing again and by this time my gang of non dancing people were leaving and I was pretty much left alone at the table. Which was fine! I’m used to it. Amanda had tried to get me to dance before, but I had people to talk to at my table so it was ok. I don’t dance in public. If you want to see me dance come to my house! I will dance all day if you want. I just have this really crazy dancing that I do. Put on “500 miles” song and you can’t get me to stop. But then...ok this is all a little blurry, but Chad and Sandra came over to me...Joe was there too and they said they didn’t want to see me sitting alone, so they made me dance. I couldn’t believe it. I did like 5 minutes of my crazy dancing and that was pretty much it. Mo of course took pictures as proof! ( I should have done my PJ dance)

Chad just wants to be in every picture

Everyone is looking at me because I told them to all dance like me! (That’s the truth)

I end with a made up caption
Denise and her friend-We are so posh hahaha
Mo-I’m sick of the paparazzi
Heather-I’m her publicist. Get that camera away
Evan-I could care less

I had SUPER FUN! I wish missy/jamie/joelle could have made it!

Random Photo of the day

After Jed pointed out this christmas decoration I decided to have some fun with it and set it up with the snowman. Mrs. Claus is sooo gonna give him a beating!

Seth Cohen quote/scene of the day

Seth-Ok I don’t know exactly who that woman was in there Ryan but that was not the nana
Ryan-I thought she was nice
Seth-She was nice Ryan, that’s the problem. The nana is not nice. I love her but she’s nuts. It’s kind of part of her charm.
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