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Cellarella! Cellarella!

-So Drake is supposedly coming to Providence RI for a show on Feb 19th which is president's day. I couldn't be more excited. And I couldn't be more confused. His official website doesn't list the show but his myspace page does. I talked with Morri who handles the myspace page and she said they were in the final stages of confirming things and that as far as she knows it is a concert anyone can attend. She said more info will be available when they get it...I guess I'm just anxious but I want more info now. I don't want to miss him. The wachusett mountain website took down the event (On Feb 19th) drake was supposed to be at there on their calendar. Is Drake supposed to be at both events on the same day? I'm sticking by the myspace page. I just don't want to miss out on tickets. The RI show would be the closest concert I could go to. I just want more now.

-Wow! I just ordered Frasier seasons 5 and 7 from amazon and they were just shipped out on Thursday and I came home from Piano practice today and they had come in the mail! Eeeek! So excited to watch them. Now I have seasons5-8 to watch in order! So exciting! So pathetic! So? I don't care. Excuse me while I SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

-I'm going to this Valentine Day Dance that's sponsored by the place I go to for piano lessons. It's actually on the Friday after Valentines Day. I'm going with my aunt. I actually wanted to go (even though I don't dance) It should be fun! Maybe I'll meet some cool people there. You never know

Exploring the cellar.....had to be done at some point and what better time to do it than when you are bored? Like the attic it has many random things down there (thought not as much as the attic) and I have my darkroom down there which I haven't used in quite a while. I thought...let's go down there and see what I can find. This entry is full of what I found!

Awww....don't we look sweet and huggable and just a little up to no good?

Everyone put on your CRAZY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes we say bad color coding and garbage disposal and peanut oil and shampoo/bamboo. They are now interchangeable words!

This lovely globe is furnished by someone in the world who likes things that spin on its axis. It can be yours for the wonderful price of 0.00$ Dollars! What? It's Free? Why didn't you just say that? Uh because I was doing a Price is Right voiceover? You do voiceovers in your head? I do a lot of things in my head. Sometimes I'm a ballet dancer, sometimes I'm a tightrope walker, sometimes I'm a lamb. Yeah you heard me! I said it! A laaaaaaaamb!

She's got the whole world on her head (It's a rough job but someone has to do it)

It's fun to wear protective eye gear, especially if they are dusty! Ah the perils of working in a darkroom! Heck I don't even need the glasses! I just like the way they look! Can someone sign me up for a version of beauty and the geek where the girls are the geeks? I'm not super smart but I definitely could roll with the geek crowd!

Toto we're not in Kansas anymore

*Sings* Y'all come! Y'all come. *End of singing* (Where's Ernie Ford when you need him?)

OMG! Doing a hoedown with an actual hoe! Could life get any better?

Tennis anyone? Oh Buffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shhhh! Secret Door! (I love all the secret doors in my house...ok we only have two but still it rocks)

A girl with a pink beret and an axe walks into a bar........

Hey! It's like that dollhouse episode on the Twilight Zone!

That's MY that a squirrel on the wall or a cat???

Random dangerous tools have come to life and have come after me. What did I ever do to tools to make them act this way toward me?

*more singing* Gonna carve a pumpkin (gonna carve a pumpkin) like my momma taught me (like my momma taught me)

I pray for peace and love and for channel 14 to stop airing bad commercials. If it's not for Meatloaf's new cd then it's for male enhancement or some diet thing where a girl walks in a bikini down the deli aisle in the market! Can we say EWWWW! to all those commercials?

I make nice with the holy children

Ewwww! I forgot! Cellars can be a little gross! Spiders and dust and dirt oh my!

Random Photo of the day

This continues the weird snowman collection at homegoods. This one is not so much scary but it is just wrong. There are no skinny snowmen in the world!
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