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"I'm going to end up on a website somewhere aren't I?"

As always we start with random news:

Daytime Emmy nominations were announced. For the first time since he's been on GH scott clifton didn't get a nomination. This surprises me since last year was his best year ever for dramatic material (the epidemic stuff) perhaps he didn't submit something from that storyline in. Other big shockers were Bree, Trevor, and Kristen from OLTL who didn't get nominated. These are three of the best actors around and have the best material last year. I don't know why I watch and care so much about these emmy's when so many deserving people get ignored. Renee, and Heather and Dan from OLTL all got nominated. I'm especially happy for Dan who totally deserves it for the duke/tornado thing. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year (before he was fired for no good reason) and he was just so nice. I hope he wins. Also OLTL got a nod for best daytime soap. They had to have submitted the execution episode and if they did I think there is a very good chance they might be winning.

In other tv news I've found a new obsession....does this really surprise anyone? Anyway my new tv obsession....and I mean it's really an obsession (only one episode has aired and I've already watched the 2 hour premiere more than 3 times, I can recite lines from the show and have already joined a message board and ordered all the books the show is based on) So what is the show? It's Blood Ties which airs on LIfetime on Sunday nights at 10:00. It's basically about this woman Vicki who quit the police force because her vision is going. She still remains close with her partner Mike. Anyway she is a PI now and there's something supernatural going on in the city so she teams up with vampire Henry Fitzroy to help her solve the crime. So ok, yes the special effects are not the greatest but I can overlook that because I'm all about the love triangle between Mike/Vicki/Henry. What seals the deal for me on this show is Kyle Shmid who plays Henry (My icon this week). He plays the role to perfection and could be giving Michael Easton a run for his money as my favorite vampire. I know it's not a show for everyone but I am in love with it.

I'm not going to even get into the tooth story....let's talk about how I finally got to take pictures of running water the way I've wanted to for over a year

So yesterday we all partied at Jamie's house...and it just happened to be St. Patrick's day.

Jamie forced us to listen to him play Irish music.

Who cares if the guests aren't here yet? There's olives so for me the party has officially begun.

I hand out the bread, Jimmy takes over with his artistic vision. "Fingers in the Middle"

Mmmmmm......not meatballs....fakeballs? What are these called. Meatless meatballs? Meatless balls? There's got to be a good name for this.

Our "Mocking" party

Minutes before or after Jesse spilled his drink all over himself because he was looking at the flower. (Denise brought us all flowers-she's cool)

Made up Caption time! (I need a theme song....someone write me a made up caption time theme song)

Mo-I'm over here everyone! Why aren't you all looking at me
Joelle-I put my right hand in......
Jesse-When will this napkin soak up my wet pants?
Jimmy-I'm not talking to anyone but I look really interested don't I?

Denise-Oh my God! It's Billy Ray Cyrus! I must shoot you
Amanda-You're a horrible person, Rachel. Taking pictures when you know Denise is scared of Mr. Cyrus

Jamie-Could this shirt be any whiter? Does it match my teeth
Karl-Could this conversation be any more dull?

So I may not talk much but I know how to get people to take silly photos. Looking around I saw people were either dressed in green, blue or black and white. So I grouped them together by colors and made each do something with the flowers.

3rd place-The black and white group. This was just to artistic for me.

2nd place-The green Group. They know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Winner-The blue group. Not only was this the best picture of night but I think hands down this is my favorite candid picture ever. After I took it Karl says "I'm going to end up on a website somewhere aren't I?" "Yes you are Karl" "I replied"

Joelle and Jesse had their outfits well coordinated for the day including the socks.....Jesse has the best face ever. Male Model man. I did not ask him to make that face.

I like foamy stuff. Just to look at. It looks pretty. I'm adding this to my list of stuff I like to look at. Like meat wrapped in paper and bottled milk. Oh yeah and hair wrapped in foil.

You can always count on Joelle for awesome homemade cookies. Shamrocks, flowers, all the same to me.

More Made up captions! (Cue the not written theme song )

Jimmy-I'm leaning all nonchalantly. Why am I not in the movies
Jamie-I do shadow animals with the lights on. See here's a bird...
Karl-I'm leaning...just not so nonchalantly.
Amanda-Yeah that's why you are not a movie star
Jesse-I'm eating something I can't identify.

Unidentifiable Hand-Look over there at the evil blue people laughing
Karl-This is my evil laugh. I do it because I'm evil and I can laugh.
Amanda and Jimmy-We are slightly amused.

Jamie's trying out to be in a gang...yeah I don't think it's going to work

It was a dark and stormy seriously that was the story she was telling. Creepy accent and all. Love it.

Even Cat's wanted to join the party

Mo wins the best transition award for "So speaking about stuff" That's why I don't talk at parties. I don't have the transitions down.

Apparently Karl grew up on an "Island" Hahaha

The Jello is in the Frig

Joelle recommends eating ice cream and jam (but beware of side effects)

Perms and plumbers

We all agreed that it's a danger to be in a room with Karl because his stories are too funny. Between him and stories about his polish dentist assistant who he thought was going to molest him, and him singing too loudly because he was on pain medication once, not to mention everyone else's funny stories. I literally couldn't breathe at the end of the night. Plus I was anxious too, but yeah, you're all dangerous to be around. But I love you guys anyway!

Random Photo of the day

All I can picture is Sumo wrestlers serving and cooking the food. Not a pretty picture.
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