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“Happy Everything Youse Guyz!”

Chuck…I have a couple of Chuck Icons but this just might be my favorite. Can I please marry Chuck? Sooo funny….Harry Tang…the whole truth rambling…Lou!!! I love Rachel Bilson. God just an amazing episode. So many good quotes. Moonlight….man was that killer guy creepy and the whole “Confession” scene in the church totally cracked me up. Next week more Coraline/Morgan! Yay! BT was pretty good, I liked Tyrone. Too bad he was a bit troubled and crazy. Oh and Back to you! I heart Gary and his wife kitty who night hits him. It’s reminding me of Niles/Maris. I hope we never see kitty.

Oh and I also just want to say that I’m super excited about my Ugly Sweater (Aka Bill Cosby) sweater party. I can’t wait to give out my gifts, something that you can’t enjoy until you get home, but still, you guys are going to get a kick out of it. Kristen if you are reading this, let me know if you’ve made any progress with your plans. Need any help? Just let me know. I hope you can make it.

We’re going to make pull string dolls of Jesse and Mo…and talk forever about Christian Slater

Next week is going to be super busy with seeing HSM with my piano studio, Thanksgiving, SB&theBS concert and Mo’s b-day party. Should be awesome.

Ok so on Sat was Jesse/Joelle’s big 65th birthiversary fancy shmancy dancy party ( I totally didn’t spell any of that right and I don’t care)

So the secret meeting group got there at 4 to set up. This involved decorating tables and hot gluing stuff and rehearsing musical numbers.

What’s a Joelle and Jesse party without the welcoming sign? I miss the fruity friends!

Loved my dress and my crazy hair that I did myself (hence it being crazy). I was basically like…”Let’s make it look a stylish/weird/mess” since I obviously can’t do my own hair. I was Crazy Girl. That’s my idea of fancy…also I think Aliens might have been attacking at that moment. Not sure. This is what I did when you girls were in the bathroom. “What are you doing in there?” “Shaaaaviiiiiing”

Close your eyes….put my head on the table and sleep!

Batgirl…which I first typed in batGRILL. “FLying though the hall…flying through the hall…minding my own business”

Mo got Joelle and Jesse a chicken cake for their birthday…and I got them a girl buying crackers and batteries.

My favorite picture of the evening-Donna Reed makes Tater Tots…or Tator Tots like Mo spelled it (Home of the Flute Platter) or Sara who spelled it Tatar Tots. Who can spell under pressure?

No, No, No…Sara isn’t hiding ANYTHING behind Amanda’s back. Did someone say Sara had gloves on her head? Maybe I heard that wrong. They didn’t look like gloves to me. I would totally wear sara’s outfit. Best outfit of the night! It’s like Madonna sort of, except cooler because it’s not Madonna.

Ok…now go run out and get yourself some Orange Sherbet! I know we are making you want some. Our dresses were totally scratch and sniff! Oh yeah!

“Flat hands Sandra…Flat hands!” Gee I wonder what this is a reference too? Hehe

Wow! Sandra could be in the movie the exorcist…look at that freakish arm bending action? (Hehe…I know that’s Heather’s arm but I use what’s called my imagination. I have a lot of that)

Amanda-Hi. I’m stuck in the 1950’s
Denise-Well while you’re stuck there I’ll just make the moves on your husband.
Karl-Yes I have seen the “Ghost of Mr. Chicken!” Tots Rule!
Jesse-I’m so tall my head can touch the ceiling. Well I’m not really that tall. The hat gives me mega super height
(As far as Jamie goes, the sad thing is that I can’t tell whether he’s being silly as usual or actually trying to be serious. I’m on the case)

65 year old cake for 65 year old people….yummy mold

Accordions can make even their players scared sometime. All those keys and holes! It could eat people alive. (Joelle sang two original songs. One about Newfoundland (“And water” “And Moose” “Stomp, Stomp”) Oh and she’s not Chuck Chickadee (Most annoying UTUT character ever!)

The true story about the famous musician who stole her skateboard. The premise is already cool right? So is the song. “woah woah woah woah….oooooh oooooh oooooh” SO CATCHY.

Time for the reprisal of our Faux-K-Go dance. We haven’t performed in quite some time but I think things went as well as they could. It was fun to dance in front of new people who hadn’t seen it.

Mo-I’m pretty smooth even with a lazy eye!

Up Top-Angry (I can feel that anger Mo burning through your eyes. More emotion Jesse)
Down the Bottom-Creepy/Freaky/Scary/I’m going to eat your kids for dinner angry

Joelle and Mo are sort of like conjoined twins who can’t stop saying “Oooooh Ooooh” Good think they are not in Australia because that’s outlawed there. Oh and crazy hair? Yeah not so good for jumping around. I think My hair was trying to jump off of my head.

Jesse…I mean Tim is calling you all a bunch of losers. We worked that into the dance.

Jesse’s superpower (besides jumping around) is that he turns invisible when he comes in direct direct direct contact with certain kinds of lights (Look at his hand)

Joelle’s finger is actually a vegan version of gobblesticks so she’s allowed to snack on them…just not during the dance. Couldn’t you have waited like 15 more seconds?

A dance interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Jesse is falling in love with me….lol. (Don’t know who the other people are…Romeo’s other secret gypsy girlfriends? Haven’t read that book since 9th grade)

Jesse-I have shamed my village of Argyle
Amanda-Isn’t it sooo great that I have the longest finger in the world?
Joelle-I am stomping on the village of Argyle (Not Tokyo today)
Mo-oh my balogna! What are you wearing. Is that a sweater?? Disgusting!

Evan is like Michael Jackson, super smooth moves and energy. Not creepy though. Just want to clarify that for people who thought last night I was making a bad comparison. Dude he doesn’t even own a monkey or wear surgical masks. And if he had to go to court he wouldn’t show up in his PJ’s. He is also the phantom of the dance floor…uses his hair to cover his face instead of a mask.

We are a part of the secret sister society (SSS) I don’t know what that means but my original commentary was going to be “Sisters with Blisters” and that just sounded gross.

Go ahead Missy! Step on his toes, it will make up for him punching you in the eye “Oh sorry! I didn’t mean to step on your toes. I meant to hug them”

Jesse,Mikey, Mikey, Mikey(Sorry…that’s a “My family” thing) and Evan. The three wisemen of Music.

Missy’s too drunk (and short) to fight Joelle and Jamie is such a flight head (Don’t even know if that’s a phrase) that he just walks into the middle of fights. He can’t even cross the street by himself.

Joelle tries to teach Amanda how to fish “Bill Cosby Style” Rule number one. Don’t put your fishing line behind your back. The fish are not there, just the pudding pops.

Don’t hit me Amanda. I’ll put away my camera, I swear. How do you dance to the Beatles “Come together?” Just pose randomly. Awesome!

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord. Hallejulia. Didn’t spell that right…but I like my way…halle…..JULIA!

Somewhere over the rainbow

After a bunch of tries to get the funniest dance team in a picture (Evan/Jamie) All I got was this. Sorry, Evan. I know you are not a mutant bug eyed freak. You just look like that in photos…lol

Even Barnabas Collins loves “The Final Countdown”

Must you guys always raise people in the air in chairs when there are fans and lights near their heads? Do you want to kill these people?

Wow…look at the curvey shape missy’s in. I think I could go skiing on her.

Ok, not only was this fun to watch but Joelle in the pic reminds me exactly of Ringo in a Hard Day’s Night…the whole "not a jump" Couldn't find a screencap of that scene.

I like how Sexy Back was dedicated to me. It made me laugh. When Jesse said “And this next song is for Rachel” I thought…what’s the song “I’m nuts and crazy” Ooooh and he played Locksley! Oh yeah!

So once again Happy Everything and “Thanks for Having Me” hehe

Random Photo of the day

Night on Beer Hill Mountain
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