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American Idol-SemiFinals Round Two

-Oh of course Adam is getting the Pimp spot. Can’t complain about that
-Thank you for changing the judges seating back. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, but I couldn’t take it the other way.
-Kara “No second chances” right. Unless you are a wild card
-Ok onto the contestants

1.Jasmine Murray-”Love Song” She’s off. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard but she’s a good singer and I was expecting better than this. It definitely wasn’t a standout. (Oh and can I just say Yay for regular post interview with contestant/judges banter)

2.Matt Giraud-“Viva la Vida”Here’s another guy who had a lot going for him and it all fell apart. I’m really thinking they aren’t allowed to play their instruments in these rounds, because I’m sure Matt would have. I don’t know why. At first I couldn’t decide if it was a good or bad song choice but it was totally a bad choice. Sometimes his voice sounded good but for the most part it was off. This just isn’t what he’s good at singing. Where’s the blues stuff we’ve heard? And he says THIS is what he wants to sound like as a recording artist? Then why haven’t you been showing us that?

3.Jeanine Vailes-”This Love” Ok first let’s start with the outfit. Top half good, bottom half? Are you trying to compensate with your crappy singing by showing you have nice legs? Sorry. Ain’t gonna work sweetheart. This is just horrible and ALL over the place. Totally wrong song choice, not in tune. Thanks Kara for saying what Paula couldn’t. Worst so far. Stop Pleading!

4.Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell. “And I’m telling you” I’m sorry. Jamar and Frankie got cut for this guy? This is totally disrespectful to contestants who actually have a shot. It’s a blatant comedy routine from the start of the song to the time his numbers were given out. I mean he’s entertaining but why give him a spot in the top 36? The crowd was going nuts, because it was entertaining. And ok, I guess at times he can sing, but he’s choosing not to. “Karate Kick” made me lol hardcore. I’ll just say it was fun to watch.

5.Alison Iraheta-”Alone” Awkward pre interview with Ryan and not in a Castro or Archie funny type of way. Wow! She looks great and she is REALLY good. The competition starts now. I am loving this. She performed the heck out it and the song suited her so well. This very well may be my favorite version of this song I’ve heard on Idol. She did it at such ease. Very impressed.

6.Kris Allen-”Man in the Mirror” Ok this is starting off shaky. I’m kind of bored. At least he is an alright singer. But wait! Wow! He’s getting better and getting into the song. The best guy we’ve seen so far.

7.Megan Corkrey-”Put your records on” Now I’ve loved this girl from day one. Besides Adam Lambert, she’s the only other contestant I’m really pulling for. Great song choice. Definitely some awkward dance moves, but you know what? I love her still. Maybe she doesn’t have the best voice in the world, but she has a distinct voice. When you hear it, you know it’s her. I thought she did a nice job. And Randy’s right. She fits right in with Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele. Simon said to vote for her so I hope people did. Even if she doesn’t pull through I think she might be a wild card

8.Matt Breitzke-”If you could only see” Oh I’m loving this already. It’s like one of my favorite songs. Wait. I think I’m loving it just cause I’m excited to see someone sing this on AI. He actually did better than I thought, but it’s doing nothing for me. He seems uncomfortable up on stage.

9.Jesse Langseth-”Betty Davis Eyes” At first I’m thinking, ok just cause it’s a good song, doesn’t make it a good song choice, but she totally pulled it off and was one of the stronger female contestants of the night. Good vocals and lots of Sass. I wasn’t wowed, but it was good. The only thing I hated was that she talked to much in between each of the judges remarks.

10.Kai Kalama-”What becomes of the broken Hearted” Alright vocals, but not a challenging song. Just kind of slightly average and his facial expressions bother me.

11.Mischavonna Henson-”Drops of Jupiter” She did a risky thing picking this song and I liked that. I thought the vocals were pretty good and she put her stamp on the song and changed it up a bit. I really appreciated what she tried to do.

-What is Paula laughing/sneezing??? I don’t know. So paula. What would AI do without her craziness?

12.Adam Lambert “Satisfaction” I was worried. I really was. I wanted him to do well. I mean I wasn’t David Cook kind of nervous, but I was anxious. I was scared when he said he was doing satisfaction because that song is always done at bars and I didn’t want to it to come off as average. I should have had more faith in him that he would change things up. Holy Crap! He killed that song in a good way. It was AMAZING. The choices he made to change the song up, the styles he put into it. Everything was flippin awesome. Ok there was one section where it got a little weird, but really there is no competition. He is the American Idol. He’s got the chops and he knows how to make a song his own. Yeah it’s gonna be a love/hate thing with him and I’ll get into that in a minute. OMG! Randy compared him to Robert Pattinson (Oh I love that AND the fact that Adam loves the movie and books) I think he can be very current, and I totally see the My Chemical Romance thing (With Theatrics). I have never seen a contestant in all 7 years imo come out on their first appearance and kill it like Adam did.

Here’s the thing with Adam and I’m gonna compare him to Cook for a second because I think Adam is going to be known for changing up songs as well. The thing with Cook, is that even though he changed things up, for the most part it was still mainstream. With Adam it’s a little over the top and in your face and that’s gonna cause the split decision between people.

My Prediction on who is going through
3.Either Megan or Jesse (Hoping for Megan)

---Oh and check out Brooke White’s new Single “Hold up my heart” on Itunes. I just bought it and it’s fantastic!
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