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ALL ABOARD THE USS OLTL TITANIC (A nyc/oltl adventure)

first welcome to new readers @Kris Alderson @xmeganbrittanyx @surmmerRP @hmweasley @ellul94. I do a online photo journal here every week, I keep the posts protected now but I’ve left it open for you to enjoy. If you ever want to read future posts just let me know if you decide to sign up and then I will add you as a friend. This a complete post of my entire trip, so if you just want to read the recap on the OLTL luncheon then skip down to that part.

-As many of you know these trips mean a lot to me and are very hard for me, with having panic attacks, nausea, and high anxiety. But I like to make challenges for myself to see how well I can do. I never know what is going to happen, but I keep pushing myself because it’s the only way to get better. I believe I went to the OLTL fan luncheon in 2005 &2006, I was so glad to be going back this year as there was a lot of new people I wanted to meet. You should have seen all the bags I packed, all the bags with snacks to keep me stabilized. You would have thought I was going away for a week and not 1 day. But I like to be prepared. So here’s my account of the NYC TRIP

Stop looking up dad! There are no UFO’s at Friendly’s. Plus, it’s uh, you know…a ceiling???

Friday Missy, Jamie and I headed up in the car to Stamford where we would be staying the night. 3 hour +(traffic) ride. Oh Joy. We totally stalked Brandon Buddy down to Texas since he wasn’t going to be at the luncheon haha

This is where Jamie ships his drugs, and where I mistook the vitamin store for the ladies restroom…oops.

Missy had to hold the ipod up for the last leg of the trip. Sucka fool! We gave up in the end, listened to some creepy station where the voice was saying “BLOOOOOOD” and then listened the rest of the way to some Spanish music channel that sounded like oldies Spanish music. So Random!

Y Spring? No, no, no. Jerry Springer and Morry (Sp?) Povich were coming to this theater. Oh man. That is one heck of a lot of trailer trash in one auditorium

So we finally get to our lovely hotel (Have I mentioned I love it?) and we spent 5 minutes trying to get our key to let us in the parking garage. We got might friendly with this machine lol

I felt like we were in the shining. Or maybe the “Shinninng” I was expecting homer simpson to bust down the door and say “Heeerrrrreeesss Johnnnnnnyyyy” hahsa

Does this mean we were in the 5,030th room? I feel like we should have gotten a prize for no reason

We left at 4 from Providence and got there at 8. Clearly Missy is tired, missy is sleepy. Missy is tired and sleepy. BUT GET OFF MY BED!

Our view. I should have reenacted the rooftop finale of Port Charles “Tainteed Love”

That’s my Beatles shirt I wear whenever I have to travel. My old therapist gave it to me. Also Jamie ordered room service like we were fabuloso stars! Ok, so it was pizza. But I’ve never gotten room service, cause we’re poor, so just let me be excited

Before watching “Monk” & “Psych” it was bath time. I just spooned water over myself. It was wonderful. Hehe. I thought for sure the room service guy was gonna catch me being weird

For the 2nd time ever I slept like a baby (Cause I had the whole bed to myself) and we woke up the next morning to catch the train to NYC. No going to the bathroom on the tracks!

Wait. Is that Scott Evans (Fish) in the corner on his cell phone? Haha

Yeah that’s right. You’ve just all been invited to the glam squad show. You’re welcome.

I totally broke the rules cause I did indeed use my cell, but I was tweeting, so I don’t think that counts

Cue the Jonas Brothers “Paranoid”. There’s a reason I look so freaked out. It was then that I was supposed to take my Dramamine, since I would be on a boat and I’m always sick anyway, but I couldn’t find it in my backpack. I thought I left it in Conn

Finally we get to NYC, where there are really tall buildings, cabs galore, and a guy who told Jamie “My daughter’s going to be a superstar” good for your daughter, Sir. Good for your daughter.

Got to the yacht an hour early. It was so hot/sunny and they wouldn’t let us on until 11:00. I thought I was gonna die of heat stroke. It was so weird how the celebrities just walked up by us on the boat. It was like a weird dock paparazzi station. All of a sudden people would be screaming “OMG It’s DESTINY!” so funny

Crystal hunt, you didn’t get by us fans! Love the elderly woman glaring at her. SHE IS NOT STACEY MORASCO!

There’s My Scott Clfton. I haven’t seen him in person in yrs (I’ve met him twice) I once traveled 20 hrs on a bus to see him and Lindze Letherman in Ohio for their event “That Soap Thing” My fan art was also all over their dressing rooms. It was in ABC SID. Not bragging, just dedicated.

Ok we’ve got from left to right Carmen (Jack) Shennelle Edmonds (Destiny) The kid who plays bully Justin (Sorry, I don’t remember his name. Sorry not Justin) and Austen Williams (Shane) It was like they were in the Macy’s Day Parade, on their own little yacht float. So cute.

Ok, So I get inside the boat Finally! Bought a few raffle tix (I didn’t win, big surprise) and went below (The stars were eating above) to get my seat. There was no assigned seating so I ended up at this table all the way in the back. It was circular and basically we were all trapped because if we wanted to get up like 8 other people had to get up. Luckily this nice little area back here is where I made my office and put out all my pics and gifts.

Robin Strasser (Dorian) came inside for a bit (That’s her in the big hat. So Dorian) because she couldn’t come on the ride or she’d get sick. Same with Ilene Kristen (Roxy) I was panicking cause I *thought* I had no motion sickness medicine and just the bobbing and weaving tied up to the dock was making me feel weird. I tried to get some from the cruise staff, but they said they weren’t allowed to give it out. I thought for sure I was gonna pull a Fred Mertz on this trip.

The Food. I put some on my plate, but didn’t like anything. Seriously, I thought this “Corn” thingy, tasted like communion wafers at Catholic Mass. Good thing I had my trust travel tuna cup with me.

So now I have to tell you about the people at my table, they were nice, but a bit dysfunctional and hilarious. Especially the woman in blue “Nanna” who was there with her daughter and granddaughter. She was yelling on the phone so loudly to her husband and then when I hadn’t touched my bread in a while (Clearly having eaten some of it) she asked if she could have the rest, to which her granddaughter replied something like “Nanna, She’s still eating” OMG! Haha

I made friends with Ann, who won the auction for 2 vip Davy Jones Tix. How lucky is she??? I wanna go see him shake his tambourine!

So the set up on the boat? Not exactly the best idea. The deal was the stars would come down to us and make their way to our tables. However, almost nobody would sit down and wait patiently which caused the boat to really rock. As “Sailing Music” including the Loveboat there, beyond the sea, and Enya’s sail away played in the background There must have been like 2598984980561 announcements from the captain and crew to please sit down because it was getting dangerous. Did anyone listen? Not really. I felt bad for the celebs who must have felt they were being hounded. It was just a lot more civilized and less dangerous at the hotel luncheons. I couldn’t see who but someone at the start of the trip said we were on the titanic and they were right…haha. Then someone else (Maybe John “Jared”) came on and said that if we capsized he still loved us, then came back a sec later and said “WHEN we capsize” But I did get to see the statue of Liberty.

I immediately saw Scott (Fish) with Brett(Kyle) and Crystal (Stacey) he was pointing for the three of them to head back to our table. I was so excited. I love kish. Scott was one of the friendliest guys ever, and Crystal wasn’t extremely talkative but nice. She came with her own photos! Oh and Scott’s brother is movie actor Chris Evans. How cool is that?

I heard Scott joke that Crystal was signing all the autographs for him. They seem to be good friends.

Brett! Eeeek. I was not a kyle fan in the beginning but as soon as the story with Fish started I was all about Kyle. Brett was so nice, a great guy. I just realized he totally reminds me of AI winner Kris Allen. Even the way he talks.

Shenelle! Wanted a pic with her, but it was extremely hard for the stars to get to me because of the seating arrangement. She was lovely

SCOTTTTTTT! He had to finagle his way over to me. I meant to bring up the Ohio thing, but forgot. I gave him a framed photograph I took of this Mexican boy statue I call Paco/Pedro. He was all “What’s a paco/Pedro?” So I explained and then said I had no clue what he was going to do with it for the rest of the day (They had no place to put their gifts) and he said he didn’t either. Later when I saw him he had lost paco/pedro and his other gifts and were trying to find them.

Then Kristen Alderson (Starr) most excited to see her again. She is sooo beautiful and was so dressed up. I think I climbed over some chairs to get to her when she got to my table. I first said “On behalf of your twitter fans I’m supposed to give you a hug) which I did. She asked for my twitter name and when I told her, it seemed to click who I was. I then gave her gifts which included what she’s holding up in the pic. A framed photo I gave her for her dressing room (I take all the photos myself) and then a shirt from my friend Kristen’s clothing company stereo bear (.com). I think Kristen Alderson thought it was cool that I knew someone who had a clothing company and she really liked it.

Thanks Kristen for taking this pic! Even though she’s just a head in it. Haha. LOVE HER

Sean(Sean) was awesome and one of the friendliest guys ever. He made sure to shake everyone’s hand and asked us our names. His fans are wild are crazy. It was great

January(Noelle) and Mo (Sorry, I’m drawing a blank on his real name and I always know their real names) January said putting on Dorian’s clothes were a blast and she signed these postcards she had made up commemorating Noelle and Mo’s marriage. Too funny

Ok, So I’ll be honest. I didn’t have pics for everyone to sign, just certain people. Boy when I saw John (Jared) I was really bumming that I hadn’t printed out a pic of him. Gosh, he was so handsome. TV doesn’t do him justice he deserves. Plus they make him look older on OLTL. He was extremely nice. I now think I’m pretty much in love with him and he said his storyline is gonna get juicy. Whoohoo!

John and his wife, who we asked to get a pic of them together. Then this funny convo goes on
Girl-Who is that?
Me-His Wife
Girl-What show is she on?
Girl-Amc? Gh?
Me-No I’m pretty sure she’s not on any of those shows. I don’t even know if she’s an actress! (Me thinking, does this girl think every actor marries an actress?) haha

Me and the JPL! I believe his shirt said “I’ll have to ask Farah” haha. He’s always been a treat, and was of course this time just as wonderful. The boat was making him a little sick though, he confessed. I asked if he remembered this pic we had took together a few years back. I thought he might remember it since it was a funny picture(Our butts are to each other and we are being crazy). All I said was “We had our backs to each other” and then he says “Did we do this?” and does the motion in the pic. I said yes. That’s so cool that he remembered. I told him we couldn’t do anything fun here because it was too cramped.

Austen. There he is at our table, though I never heard him speak…haha. I never got his autograph. I think I was busy at the time doing something else. Same thing happened with Carmen. I didn’t even get a good inside pic of

OMG! Someone is gonna clunk hillary (Nora) on the head. Just kidding. It was nice to finally meet her. She is so cool. We said we’ve waiting all day for her to come to our table and she joke that it was more than Clint would wait.

Bree!(Jessica) I adore her. I think she’s one if not the best actress on the show right now, especially for all the alters she has to play. She signed my pic and then I gave her a beautiful framed pic I took of a butterfly landing on a flower. She asked if I took it, I said yes. I reminded her I had given her a picture of lillies the last time we met. She really really loved the pic and demanded that I sign the back for her. I was so honored. She said she would put it in her new dressing room. I also made sure to say that I really hoped she won that emmy! Someone asked her about the boat set up. She said they wanted to try something new but she felt like she wasn’t getting to everyone. Must have been frustrating for them.

Brittany (Langston) & Jason (Markko) Oh there were so many things I wanted to say but I got tongue tied. I gave Brittany a framed pic too. It’s of a Ferris Wheel in black and white. She was impressed I took it. She asked if it was from Coney Island. I wish. I told her it was taken at a festival down the street from where I live. I told her I gave Kristen a matching pic so they can both put it up in their new dressing rooms. Jason was very cool. He just comes off as being cool. I can’t explain it.
After we took this first pic, Brittany demanded we take it again because you couldn’t see Jason properly

We also talked about how they had put so much work into the old dressing room and how they all had to move now.

Take 2 and we laughed so hard because it was like I was being squished by them. Haha

Jerry (Clint) another really nice, down to earth guy. That lady “nana” kept saying “CLINT SIGN THIS” and he said, only if you call me Jerry.

We got Jerry to send Eddie (Matthew) back our way. I already knew he was injured (from Kristen’s twitter) Eddie needs to stop getting hurt on and off screen

We were running low on time but I’m glad I got my pic with Eddie

Farah never came to our table. She was the only one. So I walked up to find her. Like Crystal, she was not especially chatty, even after I gave her a framed pic. But no biggie. Whatev. I’m sure she’s nice. Maybe she felt uncomfortable or it was a bad day.

Finally the boat was docking (Oh I should mention Kathy(Marcie) wasn’t there cause she was sick. I love Kathy! And I could see my sister from outside waiting to greet me. As we left the boat the celebrities were back upstairs and I waved bye at Brittany who was with Kristen, Jason and Eddie.

I really wanted to go to McGee’s which is the inspiration for the bar on How I met your mother, but we didn’t have time. Instead I had to eat standing up at au bon pain. Not comfortable at all. I could never be in NYC too long. Too many people!

Had to take this pic for Mo! Get Leonard off your computer already!

Did the naked cowboy lose his hat? Hmmmmm

Fuse! I love watching Fuse! They play all the cool videos from people who deserve more recognition!

Sorry Brit Brit, we are not coming back to see you live!

We always make Jamie take a pic mimicking whatever poster is hanging here. He’s so totally a lost Wayans brother.

Got back to the train station only to find out (just like every time I’ve been) our train was over an hour late. And my mobile twitter wasn’t and STILL isn’t working. The bathroom was like a death trap inside. I tried to make the train come with the powers of my mind, but it didn’t work.

Finally the train arrived but we couldn’t find any seats so the train guy tried to open another compartment but it was jammed. He came back with a sledgehammer and said “This will get it open” After a few bangs we were able to get seats, but a guy using a sledgehammer on a train door? I’ll never forget that

Well that’s it. I had a fun, but exhausting time and I didn’t get too sick. Did I mention that as we were docking I found my Dramamine in my backpack all the way at the bottom? *Sigh* Anyway I just hope next time the luncheon is back at the hotel where none of the passengers or the stars can get queasy and where it’s not so dangerous and chaotic. Oh and Brandon has to be there…hehe

goodbye nyc

Random Photo of the Day

Marty? haha
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