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Look out here comes tomorrow!
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Friday, December 4th, 2009
2:15 pm
My YA Novel "Just Be" is available NOW!
You heard right, My first novel "Just Be" is available now for purchasing. It's been a long road, (2005, if i remember correctly) since i started writing this book, and now you all can enjoy it too.

Right now it's only selling on createspace but by the end of the month it will be on amazon.com

Please check it out and buy yourself and anyone else who might enjoy it a copy.

Visit http://www.rachelfreitas.com

Click on Store and follow the link. It's as easy as that

I'd like to thank all my friends for their support (Look for your names at the back of the book *another reason to buy*) and especially Joelle, Missy for making the book as polished as possible and Sarah for the awesome artwork.


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Sunday, August 16th, 2009
8:41 pm
ALL ABOARD THE USS OLTL TITANIC (A nyc/oltl adventure)
first welcome to new readers @Kris Alderson @xmeganbrittanyx @surmmerRP @hmweasley @ellul94. I do a online photo journal here every week, I keep the posts protected now but I’ve left it open for you to enjoy. If you ever want to read future posts just let me know if you decide to sign up and then I will add you as a friend. This a complete post of my entire trip, so if you just want to read the recap on the OLTL luncheon then skip down to that part.

-As many of you know these trips mean a lot to me and are very hard for me, with having panic attacks, nausea, and high anxiety. But I like to make challenges for myself to see how well I can do. I never know what is going to happen, but I keep pushing myself because it’s the only way to get better. I believe I went to the OLTL fan luncheon in 2005 &2006, I was so glad to be going back this year as there was a lot of new people I wanted to meet. You should have seen all the bags I packed, all the bags with snacks to keep me stabilized. You would have thought I was going away for a week and not 1 day. But I like to be prepared. So here’s my account of the NYC TRIP

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009
12:33 pm
American Idol-SemiFinals Round Two
-Oh of course Adam is getting the Pimp spot. Can’t complain about that
-Thank you for changing the judges seating back. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, but I couldn’t take it the other way.
-Kara “No second chances” right. Unless you are a wild card
-Ok onto the contestants

1.Jasmine Murray-”Love Song” She’s off. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard but she’s a good singer and I was expecting better than this. It definitely wasn’t a standout. (Oh and can I just say Yay for regular post interview with contestant/judges banter)

2.Matt Giraud-“Viva la Vida”Here’s another guy who had a lot going for him and it all fell apart. I’m really thinking they aren’t allowed to play their instruments in these rounds, because I’m sure Matt would have. I don’t know why. At first I couldn’t decide if it was a good or bad song choice but it was totally a bad choice. Sometimes his voice sounded good but for the most part it was off. This just isn’t what he’s good at singing. Where’s the blues stuff we’ve heard? And he says THIS is what he wants to sound like as a recording artist? Then why haven’t you been showing us that?

3.Jeanine Vailes-”This Love” Ok first let’s start with the outfit. Top half good, bottom half? Are you trying to compensate with your crappy singing by showing you have nice legs? Sorry. Ain’t gonna work sweetheart. This is just horrible and ALL over the place. Totally wrong song choice, not in tune. Thanks Kara for saying what Paula couldn’t. Worst so far. Stop Pleading!

4.Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell. “And I’m telling you” I’m sorry. Jamar and Frankie got cut for this guy? This is totally disrespectful to contestants who actually have a shot. It’s a blatant comedy routine from the start of the song to the time his numbers were given out. I mean he’s entertaining but why give him a spot in the top 36? The crowd was going nuts, because it was entertaining. And ok, I guess at times he can sing, but he’s choosing not to. “Karate Kick” made me lol hardcore. I’ll just say it was fun to watch.

5.Alison Iraheta-”Alone” Awkward pre interview with Ryan and not in a Castro or Archie funny type of way. Wow! She looks great and she is REALLY good. The competition starts now. I am loving this. She performed the heck out it and the song suited her so well. This very well may be my favorite version of this song I’ve heard on Idol. She did it at such ease. Very impressed.

6.Kris Allen-”Man in the Mirror” Ok this is starting off shaky. I’m kind of bored. At least he is an alright singer. But wait! Wow! He’s getting better and getting into the song. The best guy we’ve seen so far.

7.Megan Corkrey-”Put your records on” Now I’ve loved this girl from day one. Besides Adam Lambert, she’s the only other contestant I’m really pulling for. Great song choice. Definitely some awkward dance moves, but you know what? I love her still. Maybe she doesn’t have the best voice in the world, but she has a distinct voice. When you hear it, you know it’s her. I thought she did a nice job. And Randy’s right. She fits right in with Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele. Simon said to vote for her so I hope people did. Even if she doesn’t pull through I think she might be a wild card

8.Matt Breitzke-”If you could only see” Oh I’m loving this already. It’s like one of my favorite songs. Wait. I think I’m loving it just cause I’m excited to see someone sing this on AI. He actually did better than I thought, but it’s doing nothing for me. He seems uncomfortable up on stage.

9.Jesse Langseth-”Betty Davis Eyes” At first I’m thinking, ok just cause it’s a good song, doesn’t make it a good song choice, but she totally pulled it off and was one of the stronger female contestants of the night. Good vocals and lots of Sass. I wasn’t wowed, but it was good. The only thing I hated was that she talked to much in between each of the judges remarks.

10.Kai Kalama-”What becomes of the broken Hearted” Alright vocals, but not a challenging song. Just kind of slightly average and his facial expressions bother me.

11.Mischavonna Henson-”Drops of Jupiter” She did a risky thing picking this song and I liked that. I thought the vocals were pretty good and she put her stamp on the song and changed it up a bit. I really appreciated what she tried to do.

-What is Paula laughing/sneezing??? I don’t know. So paula. What would AI do without her craziness?

12.Adam Lambert “Satisfaction” I was worried. I really was. I wanted him to do well. I mean I wasn’t David Cook kind of nervous, but I was anxious. I was scared when he said he was doing satisfaction because that song is always done at bars and I didn’t want to it to come off as average. I should have had more faith in him that he would change things up. Holy Crap! He killed that song in a good way. It was AMAZING. The choices he made to change the song up, the styles he put into it. Everything was flippin awesome. Ok there was one section where it got a little weird, but really there is no competition. He is the American Idol. He’s got the chops and he knows how to make a song his own. Yeah it’s gonna be a love/hate thing with him and I’ll get into that in a minute. OMG! Randy compared him to Robert Pattinson (Oh I love that AND the fact that Adam loves the movie and books) I think he can be very current, and I totally see the My Chemical Romance thing (With Theatrics). I have never seen a contestant in all 7 years imo come out on their first appearance and kill it like Adam did.

Here’s the thing with Adam and I’m gonna compare him to Cook for a second because I think Adam is going to be known for changing up songs as well. The thing with Cook, is that even though he changed things up, for the most part it was still mainstream. With Adam it’s a little over the top and in your face and that’s gonna cause the split decision between people.

My Prediction on who is going through
3.Either Megan or Jesse (Hoping for Megan)

---Oh and check out Brooke White’s new Single “Hold up my heart” on Itunes. I just bought it and it’s fantastic!
Monday, May 5th, 2008
10:21 am
Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…..The Tale of the Scariest LJ Post
-I’m all done watching all of the “Are you afraid of the dark” episodes. Have I mentioned that Dad likes to Call “Sardo” (However you spell that) Ernie K Fardo, which he says is a real person and has something to do with the song “Mother in law”. He’ll go “No Mister. Accent on the K” which cracks me up so hard. That and dad saying “freaky ricky” over and over again. Gee I wonder where I get my randomness from? During an evening out with my aunts we put him on speaker phone at Burger King where Godmother asked him really seriously “Do you know Ernie K Fardo? Accent on the K?” and then he started singing “mother in law” to all of Burger King. Anyway I’m sad that we’re done watching the episodes but now we are going to start on “So Weird”

-Missy and I saw an elderly man getting a pedicure at Providence Place mall. He’s cooler than me. But it doesn’t take a lot to be cooler than me

-I swear the caller on the radio said “I have a 3 yr old, a 7 yr old and a license to kill”

RACHEL’S TV REVIEW(Skip what you want)
OLTL-”Back in the Saddle” …and ready to ride. Was Friday’s episode awesome or what? Mom and I watched it twice. Are they naming episodes now? That’s awesome. Jared/Natalie finally giving in to their feelings, cute Starr/Cole scenes, Markko telling Dorian that Langston was pregnant, The “big” reveal between John/Thalia/Antonio and the masterful Blair/Todd scenes. TSJ was emmy worth. “They’re all going to pay” God he gave me chills. Congrats to Brian Kerwin for picking up an emmy nod and to the show itself for getting nominated. I’m sorry but Brandon Buddy should have got a nom.

AI-NEIL DIAMOND night. Oh this is so the best season ever. Ok so Jason…god that wasn’t good. Not awful, but he’s capable of so much more. I agreed that Brooke was bad on her first song but picked it up for “I am I said” Archie was pretty good, Syesha had two good vocals, but of course David Cook stole the show. Probably the only contestant who was praised and not bashed (as what happens usually) for picking songs that are not well known. Even Dina, said Cook was the best and that she loves him. I don’t care if Paula did get screwed up because of “rehearsals” but come on…how thrown off could she be because she had to take notes? Dude, I take notes and I don’t get messed up. No excuses. It really is at a point now where everyone is pretty good so Brooke going home was just a matter of time. It was hard seeing her so emotional. AI extra-OMG! Cook is such a dork with his lame jokes and telling them over and over again. “Hey archie..wanna hear a joke” That segment was made of WIN.

Robin Hood-Oh I’m really obsessed with this show. Sir Guy is totally my new “it” character. Maybe it’s because he’s sort of evil, and maybe it’s because he kind of looks like Azazeal. I actually really like all of the characters on this show.

DW-”Fires of Pompeii” Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode, though not as good as partners in crime. There was a lot of emotion and laughs and danger so that’s all good. I don’t like CGI creatures (Guys, do you remember Azazeal morphing in Hex Ep2?) so I didn’t like the volcanic creatures, though I loved the stone creature (not CGI, I believe) I couldn’t help but think of the DW book “The stone Rose” and kind of wished they had done a episode on that story because overall that was a better plot than FoP, but oh well. The part that bugged me was that it didn’t truly feel like they went back in time, which obviously they didn’t, and I know they went on location to film and everything, but it didn’t capture the time quite like the Shakespeare Code did last year. The scenes with the sisterhood totally reminded me of “Help” and I had to laugh. Anyway, like I said there were plenty of good moments such as
1.Donna testing the TARDIS translator
2.”Oi. Don’t get clever with me in Latin”
3.TARDIS, time lord, yeah…donna, human, no.
4.Mr and Mrs Spartacus
5.The downside to being a prophet and knowing it’s going to rain
6.Ten “Just us girls”
7.”You fought her off with a water pistol. I bloody love you”
8.”Don’t get yourselves in a lava”
9.Come with me
10.Catherine Tate doing a fantastic job with her dramatic scenes, still a bit shouty in this episode, but I love the way she doesn’t take a bull from Ten, she calls things the way she sees them, and she reins him in

Wed…I think it was Wed, Dad and I went up to Newport.

It’s a Sunshine-Y Day

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Monday, January 28th, 2008
10:44 am
The Unquiet Birthday
-Let’s see…what’s gone on this week. Oooh. Chuck! Chuck sandwich to be more exact. I was bouncing up and down like crazy during the “Neil Diamond” scenes….uh…what else…Monk was excellent. Loved the whole “Psycho” thing and Randy having to dress up as the mother. Psych! Probably the best psych episode ever. I laughed so hard at the Spanish soap stuff.

-If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of Casanova with me (I know Mo was interested, don’t know about the rest) then please let me know so we can schedule a time/date

-Mr. Simm. Please don’t touch Paul McCartney! I just saw that clip on you tube and it had me laughing hard.

-Watched “Fear Her” which I thought was hysterical. One of those very wordy episodes like The Shakespeare Code. Edible Ball Bearings, Backcombing and Scribble Creatures oh and “havin’ some of that” nuff said. I recorded some S1 DW, so I’m interested in seeing those.

-Mansfield Park. Oh how I loved it. I’m so glad Dina bought me the book. I can’t wait to read it. I watched it because I knew Billie Piper was in it but I turned out really really loving the story and could identify with fanny. The funny thing was that there were so many other actors from my other favorite BBC shows were in the movie as well. There was the actors who played Troy and Maclachai(Sp) from Hex, Roger from My family and Catherine from Jekyll. Yeah. I loved it.

-EXCITING NEWS-So as you all know I sent a lovely package to Mr. David Tennant on Jan 4th and much to my surprise I got something back on the 22nd. I’m still shocked at how quick it came for someone in the USA. Gosh, I love him. He sent Kristen an autograph and I didn’t even ask for one for her. I was so darn excited I kept bouncing again. Oh he is the loveliest man ever and someone good to be obsessed with. I just want to know him and be friends with him. He’s so funny! If I see that stereo bear item on him in a pic or in one of his video diaries I just might pass out. Anyway here’s the Autographs

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Monday, November 19th, 2007
10:13 am
“Happy Everything Youse Guyz!”
Chuck…I have a couple of Chuck Icons but this just might be my favorite. Can I please marry Chuck? Sooo funny….Harry Tang…the whole truth rambling…Lou!!! I love Rachel Bilson. God just an amazing episode. So many good quotes. Moonlight….man was that killer guy creepy and the whole “Confession” scene in the church totally cracked me up. Next week more Coraline/Morgan! Yay! BT was pretty good, I liked Tyrone. Too bad he was a bit troubled and crazy. Oh and Back to you! I heart Gary and his wife kitty who night hits him. It’s reminding me of Niles/Maris. I hope we never see kitty.

Oh and I also just want to say that I’m super excited about my Ugly Sweater (Aka Bill Cosby) sweater party. I can’t wait to give out my gifts, something that you can’t enjoy until you get home, but still, you guys are going to get a kick out of it. Kristen if you are reading this, let me know if you’ve made any progress with your plans. Need any help? Just let me know. I hope you can make it.

We’re going to make pull string dolls of Jesse and Mo…and talk forever about Christian Slater

Next week is going to be super busy with seeing HSM with my piano studio, Thanksgiving, SB&theBS concert and Mo’s b-day party. Should be awesome.

Ok so on Sat was Jesse/Joelle’s big 65th birthiversary fancy shmancy dancy party ( I totally didn’t spell any of that right and I don’t care)

So the secret meeting group got there at 4 to set up. This involved decorating tables and hot gluing stuff and rehearsing musical numbers.

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Sunday, March 18th, 2007
2:50 pm
"I'm going to end up on a website somewhere aren't I?"
As always we start with random news:

Daytime Emmy nominations were announced. For the first time since he's been on GH scott clifton didn't get a nomination. This surprises me since last year was his best year ever for dramatic material (the epidemic stuff) perhaps he didn't submit something from that storyline in. Other big shockers were Bree, Trevor, and Kristen from OLTL who didn't get nominated. These are three of the best actors around and have the best material last year. I don't know why I watch and care so much about these emmy's when so many deserving people get ignored. Renee, and Heather and Dan from OLTL all got nominated. I'm especially happy for Dan who totally deserves it for the duke/tornado thing. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year (before he was fired for no good reason) and he was just so nice. I hope he wins. Also OLTL got a nod for best daytime soap. They had to have submitted the execution episode and if they did I think there is a very good chance they might be winning.

In other tv news I've found a new obsession....does this really surprise anyone? Anyway my new tv obsession....and I mean it's really an obsession (only one episode has aired and I've already watched the 2 hour premiere more than 3 times, I can recite lines from the show and have already joined a message board and ordered all the books the show is based on) So what is the show? It's Blood Ties which airs on LIfetime on Sunday nights at 10:00. It's basically about this woman Vicki who quit the police force because her vision is going. She still remains close with her partner Mike. Anyway she is a PI now and there's something supernatural going on in the city so she teams up with vampire Henry Fitzroy to help her solve the crime. So ok, yes the special effects are not the greatest but I can overlook that because I'm all about the love triangle between Mike/Vicki/Henry. What seals the deal for me on this show is Kyle Shmid who plays Henry (My icon this week). He plays the role to perfection and could be giving Michael Easton a run for his money as my favorite vampire. I know it's not a show for everyone but I am in love with it.

I'm not going to even get into the tooth story....let's talk about how I finally got to take pictures of running water the way I've wanted to for over a year

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Sunday, January 21st, 2007
3:22 pm
Dude! It's her NOT a birthday
On Sat a whole bunch of us got together to celebrate Joelle's not a birthday. Her birthday was in december and we were supposed to do something then but she got sick so we held the celebration yesterday.

Missy, Jamie, Amanda and I got to the bowling alley kind of early so we stood around and amused ourselves. You know those machines were you try and use the claw like thing to get toys out of but you never can? Well we saw 3 kids in a row from the same family each win a big toy from the machine. It was amazing. Of course the machine wasn't too stuffed with stuff but still I was impressed!

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Saturday, January 13th, 2007
4:42 pm
Cellarella! Cellarella!
-So Drake is supposedly coming to Providence RI for a show on Feb 19th which is president's day. I couldn't be more excited. And I couldn't be more confused. His official website doesn't list the show but his myspace page does. I talked with Morri who handles the myspace page and she said they were in the final stages of confirming things and that as far as she knows it is a concert anyone can attend. She said more info will be available when they get it...I guess I'm just anxious but I want more info now. I don't want to miss him. The wachusett mountain website took down the event (On Feb 19th) drake was supposed to be at there on their calendar. Is Drake supposed to be at both events on the same day? I'm sticking by the myspace page. I just don't want to miss out on tickets. The RI show would be the closest concert I could go to. I just want more info...like now.

-Wow! I just ordered Frasier seasons 5 and 7 from amazon and they were just shipped out on Thursday and I came home from Piano practice today and they had come in the mail! Eeeek! So excited to watch them. Now I have seasons5-8 to watch in order! So exciting! So pathetic! So? I don't care. Excuse me while I SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

-I'm going to this Valentine Day Dance that's sponsored by the place I go to for piano lessons. It's actually on the Friday after Valentines Day. I'm going with my aunt. I actually wanted to go (even though I don't dance) It should be fun! Maybe I'll meet some cool people there. You never know

Exploring the cellar.....had to be done at some point and what better time to do it than when you are bored? Like the attic it has many random things down there (thought not as much as the attic) and I have my darkroom down there which I haven't used in quite a while. I thought...let's go down there and see what I can find. This entry is full of what I found!

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Monday, January 8th, 2007
4:00 pm
Rachel's week in food
-Saw little miss Sunshine with Missy and Jamie. I enjoyed it. I love the little actress that plays Olive. I loved her in "Signs" too. She's sooo talented. I saw her on Conan and she's just so charming.

-FRASIER FRASIER FRASIER! That's what winter break has been all about. I am truly obsessed with this show. I'm trying to watch all the episodes in order so that everything makes sense (even though I know that I've seen some out of order) I now have the dvd seasons 1-4. 6, 8, and the final season (finally saw the high holidays episode). I've watched seasons 1-4. a lot of good episodes. "Marta has pronoun problems" HAHA. Missy I'm sooo showing you that one. Plus I finally got to see the Moon Dance episode. It was amazing. So many emotions you feel watching that episode. Totally one of my all time favorites...oh and Martin writing the song for Frank Sinatra? Classic. The best part is that I've gotten my mom and aunt into watching the show now too and on Friday's we have Frasier Friday where we go to my aunts house and have mini marathons. It's great!

-This is supposed to be vacation...time off when you are not supposed to be busy but i have so much stuff to do. Of course it's stuff like do livejournal, watch Frasier, practice piano, read books, put new cd's onto my ipod which is all leisure activities but for me (and if you know me this isn't news to you) because of my OCD this all becomes chores to me and I drive myself nuts trying to do everything. Today I'm trying to do LJ, Practice Piano (Why oh why did I choose "The point of no return" to play? Two right hands? What the heck? I still haven't even touched that song. And Maybe I'll put the songs on my ipod. There's just so little time in a day....maybe there would be more if I woke up a lot earlier...then again I'm going to bed like at 2-3 am lately.......
-Missy in the category of stuff I'm going to make you watch (besides Frasier which I know you will watch with me) I have to make you see this weekend's Drake and Josh. It was the best episode ever. Hands down. And Josh wasn't really even in the episode which was weird. It was all about the secondary cast and it was awesome and it ends with a musical number. I laughed so hard. DORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not too much has happened this week so I've decided to do a short post on my eating habits this past week. Totally boring right? It involved lots of cookies and other stuff....oh and why does Rachel Ray now have a children's cd out of her favorite kids songs? I like Rachel Ray but now her overexposure is starting to bug me.

So my aunt bought me some cookies

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
3:14 pm
the game that took two years to play
-I am sooooooo mad. Drake Bell was supposed to be performing on New Years Eve on FOX. This how it was advertised everywhere so I assumed it was on regular FOX because that's all it said so I set my tape. Well I checked my tape and he wasn't on FOX special at all. I go online today and find out that he was actually on the fox news channel. I wouldn't be so mad if all he had sang was "I know" because that's what he sings on all his appearances pretty much. But he sang "Happy xmas the war is over" He's been playing that at his recent concerts as well. I have never heard Drake sing a beatles song much less any of the beatles solo songs. I want to hear this sooooo badly. Apparently you can download the performance but I can't get it to download. I'm hoping a friend will come through for me if she saw the performance and send me her tape of it so I can make a copy. GRRRRR. So frustrating!

New Years Eve and New Years Day/fake hangover day totally made up for the horrible christmas and horrible week I've been having.

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
12:56 pm
Twisted Christmas
-While a bunch of us were at Macy's the other day some guy recognized mom from the beatlemania concert. He said "Hey aren't you the girl who was dancing at Beatlemania?" I couldn't stop laughing. My mom is a celebrity for acting nuts!

-I ordered Howard Blake's sheet music for the "Walking in the air" song from the snowman. I doubt I'll be able to play it now but someday I will. Now why can't the soundtrack be available for a decent price???

It was definitely a twisted christmas this year. In some ways it was a good/funny twisted and in other ways it was not a nice holiday at all.....well I'm just going to focus on the positive stuff for the sake of this journal entry.

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Sunday, December 17th, 2006
11:59 am
"You rewind it all the time"
-I just have to say Justin Timberlake is my favorite host on SNL. This episode wasn't as funny as the last time he hosted but the first half of the show I couldn't stop laughing. The chipmunks song! And the target skit was funny! and they brought back two of the sketches....his advertising/singing character (Loved it) and I was so happy they did the Barry Gibbs Talk show again. Again, not as funny as the last time but I was just so happy to see that sketch! I got that on tape, because I wondered if they were going to do it again! It's my favorite snl sketch ever! And I really liked his new song he has out.

-Watched POTC:DMC twice this weekend. Gosh I just love that movie...besides my obvious sparrabeth obsession we get scruffington who I adore in this movie, yet hated in the first movie! Oh well!

-I was shocked when I went to see my therapist this past week and I saw my four framed photographs hanging in the hallway of the office. At first they were just in her office but now she put them in the main hallway and she said they have gotten a lot of compliments. She told me to run and get my dad to see them up on the wall so I did. He was impressed! It's nice to see my stuff hanging in an establishment!

-the Oc's Chrismukkah episode was good. I love Taylor so much. Anyway my favorite part was Seth's song "I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIFEEEEEE! I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Still I don't think we'll ever top season two's chrismukkah episode...with "Laura"...uh I mean "Lindsey"

-My godmother's husband saw and met the guy from "GhostHunters" when they were at some car place in RI. He was very excited, or so I heard. Man, why wasn't I there? I really like that show. And of course I would have had my camera on me so I would have gotten a picture.

-Ok my mom made the FUNNIEST comment this week. My aunt and I were talking about that new movie "Night in the museum" or "Night at the Museum" (Whatever it's called) and My mom says. "They stole that movie from the Da Vinci Code" Now first of all my mom has never read that book or even seen the movie but even if she had she'd know that it's not like this new museum movie. Yes part of the Da Vinci code takes place in a museum but nowhere in the movie does Jesus come to life from the last supper painting or anything like that! I'm going to be laughing about this one for weeks

So Since nothing really all that interesting happened this week, I've decided to rewind things back to last weekend when me and my aunts and mom got lost about 15 minutes from my house. So let's take a trip backwards

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Sunday, December 10th, 2006
4:31 pm
I come out of portraits but I don't make magic candles
Music, Music, Music. That's what this week has been all about. First I realized that I have a pretty big music collection, so big that when sometimes I hear a song I know I have on the radio or in a store I can't even place what the song is, only that I have it.

I got 3 (well really 4) cd's in the mail this week. The new Mcfly cd finally came in, of course this is after amazon confirmed that this cd had gotten lost in the mail and they are sending me a new copy which I have to return. Then Drake Bell's new Cd. It came out Dec 5th and I had preordered it from both amazon and walmart.com. Walmart had said they were going to have bonus tracks on their version of the cd...turns out it was just two songs from his previous cd that I already have. Oh well. Anyway I should have just waited to get the cd in the store because that was my original plan, but I was afraid the stores wouldn't carry the cd/dvd version so i ordered it online. Both copies arrived on the 9th but those few days waiting for the cd killed me. Everytime I went to the store and saw the cd I was sooo tempted to buy a third copy. Anyway I just have to gush about how much I love this cd. Not one bad track on the cd and it's getting great reviews! My favorite song is "Fallen for you" and I love the whole abbey road suite thing he did with the end of the cd. The last song is so much fun, complete 20's feel to it, yet it reminds me of something Mike Nesmith could have done. Also it's impossible for anyone not to like "Up Periscope" I LOVED the cd art. it's all about Drake submerged in a retro/futuristic submarine. The colors and the wardrobe and everything are really brilliant. Everyone needs to buy this cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I also entered the contest for Drake to come to your house to perform. Who knows if I will win...but wouldn't that be cool???) Then I was shocked yesterday when I got home from piano lesson and there was a big package on the table for me. It was from the band locksley. Now I had preordered their new cd back in Oct off of their myspace page. No sooner do I order it, but they stop orders from being placed on the page and just a few weeks ago I read the cd was pushed back to January. I don't know why but I got the cd which is amazing! Plus a letter from their management thanking me for being patient about the cd and they sent me two lovely posters (now on my wall) and a sticker! Score!

I also got my POTC:DMC DVD in the mail...but I've been so into listening to all my music lately that I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet (shocking I know) All I got to watch were the bloopers..."I'll help you if you promise to do strange things with my dog" haha

Seth had one of the best quotes ever on the OC this week. One of the characters was going to school in Brown and Seth was going to Providence and since the creator of the show is from RI he throws in these bits of dialogue that only someone from around here would get. There's been plenty of mentions of thayer street but on this week's episode, seth told his parents he was going to the providence place mall and that it was carpeted which was weird (I never thought about that but he is so right) and that they have a dave and busters but the parking sucks....I was cracking up

Creating my own fun is super easy and doesn't cost a penny! I'm telling you if you are ever board just take random pictures of yourself. Everyone should do this at least once.

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
7:24 pm
Chrissy Snow, Hicks, and the Posh
-so the really only random piece of information I have to offer you all is that I tried calling Mo this week, to remind her to pick me up for Denise's party. Well I already hate talking to people on the phone because it's really uncomfortable for me. I also almost never leave my cell phone on because nobody ever calls me on it anyway. So I went ahead and dialed Mo's number anyway, just thinking I'm going to get her voice mail. Well instead I guess I dialed the wrong number and some dude named Frank came on. Me being all panicked hung up right away, and then Frank called me back and I explained I had dialed the wrong number. Figures. This would only happen to me. Someone calls my cell phone and it's a total stranger.

-I've also decided that I'm adding you all to my myspace pages. All of you that I can find! Why I hadn't thought to do it before, I don't know. But now I'm welcoming you to my myspace page. Add me if you like!

-Ok I guess I have more random stuff to say than I thought. I ordered myself the new mcfly cd off amazon which you can only get as an import so it was kind of expensive, but I love this band (They are HUGE in England) anyway the order shipped on Nov 17th and I still haven't got the package. It was supposed to arrive by Nov 29th. Didn't happen. I emailed amazon and they told me to wait until Dec 4 to see if it came. Well that's tomorrow and I doubt I'm going to get it. I looked up the tracking info and all it says was that it was scanned in KY the day it was shipped. No other info. I really think this item got lost in the mail (or never left the warehouse) I hope that if it doesn't come on Mon that Amazon sends me another copy. But my POTC:DMC dvd and Drake's cd were just shipped today so hopefully I get that soon.

This week my mom and I put up the christmas decorations in the house

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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
7:20 pm
"I'm thankful this thanksgiving that my dad can make French songs fun!" (Death By snow plow)
I finished the first book in my 6 book series. I did it for nanowrimo and even went over the 50,000 word minimum. Awesome!

My new favorite show (thanks to Missy) is Frasier. For me it's all about the Niles! I saw one of the funniest episodes ever the other night, and Missy was sleeping so she didn't get to see it, so I bought that season that had that episode online.

I also just bought Paul McCartney's 'The space within US" tour DVD. It was really really good (I haven't watched the extras yet) I've decided that if the time comes he decides to go on tour again, I am going. No matter what I have to do. I mean he did eleanor rigby and For no one! Oh I was in heaven watching that

Also got the new Beatles "Love" cd. It's very fun to listen to and catch all the parts in the song mixed up. I know I didn't pick up on half of the stuff, but still a great buy for 10 bucks

Some elderly woman came up to me at Christmas tree shop and said "You have nice hair" I thanked her (Even though I have a lot of issues with my hair) Then she said "I used to have too" And at first I thought. She had two hairs?? Then I got what she was saying. That was my dumb moment for the day

I woke up on thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy's parade....and what's the first song I hear? "Up up and away!" That is no way to wake up on any morning, but it's especially wrong on a holiday

Thanksgiving would not be thanksgiving if I didn't try out some of the food before the meal

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Sunday, November 19th, 2006
4:09 pm
Stairs, Mirrors, and Soy Milk
Finally got to see Drake's new video for "I know" It's amazing. He's such a unique guy and I really really appreciate that. It shows in his music and his videos

Memo to Drake Bell-Can we play in a state other then Pa please? Like say Mass? It's great he's showing the east coast a lot of love-but why hasn't Mass gotten any love yet??

I also finally got Scott Clifton's new cd "So much for the nightlife" in the mail. It got to me rather quickly. Anyway it's his first full length cd so there's some old songs that he redid and some new songs. There's always one song on every cd he has put out that really really gets to me. He did it again with this cd and the last song "victim" it's got this opera voice in the backround and it's really haunting

I didn't really like Monk's christmas episode. And I was sooo looking forward to it too. Last year's was so great. We got a little bit of disher and the captain singing....but it was no "O holy night" *sigh* oh the days were so good back then....haha

So what do I always say to do when you're bored....create your own fun. So that's what I did. Like I said it doesn't take much to get me going. Just my camera, an empty carton of soy milk, some stairs and a mirror. Actually I did this a few weeks ago but nothing fun happened this week (Well we did go to homegoods and saw all the scary christmas decorations-don't worry they'll be my random photos of the week) and I made up a new name for myself. BUKAMUNGO! I kept saying it all night at homegoods. It was too funny!

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
4:32 pm
My sister is a cripple (Bowling night!!!!)
-For those that don't know I'm writing a 50,000 word novel for nanowrimo.org. (Which if you don't know is this site where for the month of november people are challenged to write a 50,000 word story. It has to be done by the end of the month.) It's been difficult but fun so far. It's kept me really focused! At first I didn't even think I'd reach 20,000 words but now I'm thinking I might even pass the 50,000 word count. Wouldn't that be awesome!

-Once again I had too much fun in my philosophy of education class. This time it wasn't my teacher that was making me laugh but my classmates. My teacher always brings in a basket of chocolates for the class, and this kid behind me raises his hand and just goes "How old is this hershey kiss?" We all turn to look at him. "Is this supposed to be white chocolate?" he asks. My teachers says no, and realizes it's probably from last easter. We were all grossed out. But later Missy told me in the car that the piece of candy was actually fine. Missy knows everything. Then Sarcastic Steve...I told him at the end of class I can't sit near him anymore because he makes me laugh too much. I kept trying to raise my hand to say something and the teacher never noticed me...and the class only has 6 people in it so I'm not that hard to notice. Anyway. Steve (who is a drafting teacher) writes me a note "Tim (my teacher) hates Rachel" and he has arrows pointing at us. Then a few minutes later he writes "Tim be hating Rachel." haha. I did finally get to say what I wanted to say. Also steve told a horrifying story about when his brother was younger and went to catholic school for a year and his teacher the nun told him that if he didn't do well in school the scarf man was going to come out of his closet and strangle him to death! How horrible! But when he told the story I pictured scarf man as being a gay man who stepped out of your closet to give you a scarf. Now that wouldn't be so bad

On Friday Me, Missy,Jamie, Mo, Jesse and Joelle went bowling

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
4:42 pm
"under the sea" halloween
-I love my philosophy of education professor. He's always telling stories...and he'll have multiple stories going at the same time. This week we were talking about how during christmas a lot of kids get depressed when they don't get what they want for a present. so he told us this story about when he was 10. For christmas he wanted a baseball glove. Well his parents couldn't afford the nice one he wanted but they told him they were going to give him uncle Doc's (who wasn't really his uncle) glove. Well at 10 years old he didn't factor into account that even though uncle Doc was a good athlete...he was already pretty old. He just knew that uncle doc had been a good athlete...so he figured he was going to get a good glove even if it was used. Well he opens the glove on christmas and he bursts into tears of sadness when he sees the glove. Where the webbing should be was shoelaces...and there was a big hole in the middle of the glove where one would catch the ball...but the worst (and funniest) part was that the hole was filled with straw! he was mortified.....me and my other classmates could not stop laughing...especially when my professor drew a picture of the glove on the board. Too funny!

-I'm doing for the first time the NaNoWriMo thing. My writing is coming a long well...but I don't know if I will make the word count. I'm great at writing dialogue, I'm ok with descriptions. We'll see how it all comes out!

-Wow! How great is the killer's new video for "Bones" directed by Tim Burton! If you are up early in the morning and get MTV I suggest trying to catch it. It has to do with skeletons! That's all I'm saying! It's fantastic.

-So I was bored this week and watched for the first time "Most Haunted Live" which comes on the travel channel.(I think it was a special for Halloween) For those that don't know it's basically this show from the UK where this team goes to investigate haunted places. I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I watched it. And I watched it for two hours. It's the funniest thing ever! Now I totally believe in spirits and the supernatural and all that...and if you want to watch a better spirit investigating show I suggest you watch...I think it's called ghost hunters (I could be wrong) on the sci fi channel. I've only seen a few episodes but the guys are from R.I and have a great sense of humor and it's entertaining. If I was going to believe any paranormal investigators on tv it'd be them. But Most Haunted Live cracks me up like you wouldn't believe. It's so fake. "Oh did you hear that? It sounded like a pebble being thrown" "Oh did you hear that? It sounded like rumbling" The thing is you never actually hear anything. The best part though is that you can send your psychic art in (I'm not kidding) and you can send your messages to the show about what you see on their webcams or things you are feeling. The funniest message I saw was that a viewer wrote in that they smelled fish in their home! Ooooh how scary! Fish! Dude it's sooo funny! I tried to watch another episode on it's regular night but it wasn't as fun because it wasn't live and there were no funny messages to read!

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Sunday, October 29th, 2006
4:02 pm
"It's Killing Me"
-The "I" channel is now my new favorite channel? Why? Because they started playing Amen. I think it's going to come mon-Thur at 7:00 for an hour. Of course that's the time I'm usually with Dina picking up her work....but still...a channel I get is airing it. On Friday they even aired a Halloween Monkees episode! The Monkees! OMG! I haven't seen the show in a loooooong time. It was so great. I hope they put that on a regular basis too.

-POTC:DMC's bloopers were leaked onto the internet....but I am controlling myself and not watching them because I'm so excited to see them and all the other extras on the dvd (but especially the bloopers) and I like waiting for stuff to come out...all the anticipation. So I'll just wait until I get the Dvd...which I just preordered (the 2 disc edition) and I also preordered Drake's new cd. I kind of wanted the satisfaction of being able to walk into the store when it came out to get it...and I know it's on a major label so it should be in all the stores...but I ended up just ordering it on amazon. I didn't want to take any chances.

-This will be my pre halloween post...next week will be my post halloween post. I really wish I had something to do on Halloween because after 4th of July it's the next best day of the year. Even people who have NOTHING to do for Halloween can usually fall back on the "I'll hand out candy to trick or treaters" well I can't even do that because we don't get any trick or treaters. Nobody at all. so what are my plans for halloween? I'm going to watch a bunch of halloween related movies/tv shows and then for halloween I'm baking shark and dolphin decorated cupcakes. (Dude I so couldn't find any halloween sprinkles at the store) but sharks are scary right??? and I'll help my dad carve a pumpkin. So yeah that's my plans.

-I did a photoshoot with missy the other week. It was basically to see how well I could do with photographing a modeling type situation. I even had backdrops and everything! Let me just say that I stink! I have these ideas in my mind...but I don't know how to give them out. Luckily missy just took over on how she should pose for most of it. she's a great model and a good sport for doing this for me. The backstory to this photoshoot was that missy was supposed to look like she hadn't slept in days. I got my inspiration from a song called "It's Killing me" by a wonderful band called the rewinds! I wanted all the photos to come out a certain way. They were all supposed to come out in such a way that everything in the picture was black and white except for anything that was colored pink. Some photos came out like this (and it looks great) and some photos did not. But I couldn't tell that when I took the photos. I thought they were coming out right.! Anyway here are the photos. No exciting commentary this week....I'm going to be serious (Woah that's scary) and just let you see the pictures...just a whole lot of missy looking tired and depressed!

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