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Stairs, Mirrors, and Soy Milk

Finally got to see Drake's new video for "I know" It's amazing. He's such a unique guy and I really really appreciate that. It shows in his music and his videos

Memo to Drake Bell-Can we play in a state other then Pa please? Like say Mass? It's great he's showing the east coast a lot of love-but why hasn't Mass gotten any love yet??

I also finally got Scott Clifton's new cd "So much for the nightlife" in the mail. It got to me rather quickly. Anyway it's his first full length cd so there's some old songs that he redid and some new songs. There's always one song on every cd he has put out that really really gets to me. He did it again with this cd and the last song "victim" it's got this opera voice in the backround and it's really haunting

I didn't really like Monk's christmas episode. And I was sooo looking forward to it too. Last year's was so great. We got a little bit of disher and the captain singing....but it was no "O holy night" *sigh* oh the days were so good back then....haha

So what do I always say to do when you're bored....create your own fun. So that's what I did. Like I said it doesn't take much to get me going. Just my camera, an empty carton of soy milk, some stairs and a mirror. Actually I did this a few weeks ago but nothing fun happened this week (Well we did go to homegoods and saw all the scary christmas decorations-don't worry they'll be my random photos of the week) and I made up a new name for myself. BUKAMUNGO! I kept saying it all night at homegoods. It was too funny!

This is my yoga's called....why the heck am I in yoga??? (Did ya giggle? Uh yes i did)

I hate when me and the wallpaper show up to a photoshoot in the same color! No good can come from that

Help! There's a sock puppet after me! AHHHHHHH!!!!

I'm waiting for Jesus to save me from the sock puppet! This could take a while. He said there was a fashion emergency he had to take care of first.

Finally! Jesus lives at the top of the back stairs in my house? Didn't you people know that?

Ok so then I decided to shoot myself (with a camera, not a gun) on the attic stairs. I got the idea to place the camera at the top of the stairs and have the camera aim downward. I thought I'd play with the mirror too at the bottom of the stairs. I wanted my reflection to be caught in the mirror. This wasn't as easy as I thought. I thought that if I sat down on the stairs and could see my reflection in the mirror then my reflection would come out in the picture! WRONG! It took me like 7 tries to figure out that I had to sit below the mirror (So I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror-I was staring at the wall) for my reflection to come out in the photo. Does that make sense? It made no sense to me. I must have taken about 30 pictures in total. I had to keep running up the steps to press the timer button then run back down and pose before the flash went off. Then I had to go back up the steps and do the same thing over again. It was tiring

Rachel it's not Halloween anymore. Stop doing your Halloween face!

I do leg exercises on the two two three

Mirror mirror on the wall. who has the fairest legs of all????Oh why that would be me.

I fell down the stairs and just landed in this pose (A TOTALLY NOT TRUE STORY)

I see nothing in the mirror, therefore I do not exist. That's pretty cool!...wait if I don't exist who is writing this then??

stop in the name of love

I'm looking hard to find some normal in me....yeah I'm not seeing it.

My hand is stuck to my head...I'm currently searching for a doctor to help me with this problem

Oh the noise noise noise

I do magic tricks in the mirror!

I am being sad....for me it's not that hard to fake!

SILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We go on camping trips together (no lie!) well sort of. I don't camp!

This is a new version of bowling. Me and my friend silk are the pins!!!!!

Babes behind bars....wait where is the babe in this picture? More like random/weird/insert your adjective (not babe) here stuck behind bars

Ok if you don't want to let me out please let my friend Silk out. She has mouths to feed! She has 3 children named millicent, guappy, and sunio. They need her. They can't read!!!!!!!!!!!

We're making a break for it and nobody try to stop us. That means you!!!!!!!

The Silk stands alone

Random Photo of the day

This pretty much explains itself
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