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"I'm thankful this thanksgiving that my dad can make French songs fun!" (Death By snow plow)

I finished the first book in my 6 book series. I did it for nanowrimo and even went over the 50,000 word minimum. Awesome!

My new favorite show (thanks to Missy) is Frasier. For me it's all about the Niles! I saw one of the funniest episodes ever the other night, and Missy was sleeping so she didn't get to see it, so I bought that season that had that episode online.

I also just bought Paul McCartney's 'The space within US" tour DVD. It was really really good (I haven't watched the extras yet) I've decided that if the time comes he decides to go on tour again, I am going. No matter what I have to do. I mean he did eleanor rigby and For no one! Oh I was in heaven watching that

Also got the new Beatles "Love" cd. It's very fun to listen to and catch all the parts in the song mixed up. I know I didn't pick up on half of the stuff, but still a great buy for 10 bucks

Some elderly woman came up to me at Christmas tree shop and said "You have nice hair" I thanked her (Even though I have a lot of issues with my hair) Then she said "I used to have too" And at first I thought. She had two hairs?? Then I got what she was saying. That was my dumb moment for the day

I woke up on thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy's parade....and what's the first song I hear? "Up up and away!" That is no way to wake up on any morning, but it's especially wrong on a holiday

Thanksgiving would not be thanksgiving if I didn't try out some of the food before the meal

I dropped the Napkins!

Would you like some sliverware (In this case would it be goldware?) to drink?

Missy shows mom how to fold the napkins into animal shapes

Sisters on a new show opening on broadway

There was a murder at my house

Well somebody had to clean up the mess.

The cats get more attention than I get. I'm used to it.

i look into my magic olive bowl. It tells me the olives will be delicious and that I will eat many of them (The magic olive bowl is always right)

UTS (Ugly Turkey Syndrome) did not hit us as hard as it did last year. But I still think it looks like it was attacked my an animal

This is what the turkey looked like when it was served. Mom just scoops out the turkey onto to the plate. It's hard to tell it was ever a turkey at all. It looks more like this is how the turkey looked after we ate it. No. It's the way it looked before we ate it. The Great Heap O' Turkey. If mom was on Iron Chef she would have lost major points for presentation

Missy's fake turkey. No animals were hurt in the making of this product and no animals have appeared to attack it.

Oh the happy family! It's thanksgiving!!!!!!! I made everyone say something nice about the person sitting next to them. I said to dad "You make french songs fun" He does! I have this french song i love and whenever the opportune moment comes up dad shouts "Cheese" and "French Fries"

Then at 6:00 we went to Dina's for thanksgiving meal #2.

Jamie played piano for us on his own will! Brave guy!

How many guys does it take to put together a table? Yeah, just the two in the picture! No joke here. I imagined this though as a silent movie when I was watching them set the table up, hence the black and white photo.

We were supposed to eat at 7:00 or something like didn't happen. We were very hungry!

I'm lucky I didn't puncture my eye with that knife. I guess I didn't go to knife safety class

I never thought my dad could look so scary! This is just frightening! My dad turns into a gremlin when he's hungry.

Dad got all excited when Boy George came on tv! (For once I'm not making this up)

Godmother came and got the party started. Dance, Godmother, Dance!

Mom(Doing her inspector general impression) Rock me to the sky. To the sky
Jamie-That impression is making me feel uneasy
Dad-Who cares? I just want to eat
Godmother-Oh dear god. Not that impression again
Missy and Dina-We need wine
Carlos-Your impression makes my nose run

My mom wants to host a cooking show. The whole night she kept pretending she was Rachel Ray...but because the first part of our last name is FREI which is pronounced like "Fray" She kept going "Hi. I'm Rachel Fray" (Ok if anything that would be my name) anyway she did a whole 5 minute presentation which cracked everyone up. She said 30 minute meals were junk, and how she likes to use garlic powder instead of the real thing (so true) Dina couldn't stop laughing

On Sat I had the most awesome time with dad at the Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles show! They play all over....they are even going to canada soon. She's from Taunton so she plays the narrows center a lot. This was my second time seeing her and her band perform and this time was even better than the last. Yes, it's a little bit country....but it's also rock too. It's awesome!

First the opening act the Maybe's came on. They were really good as well.

Then out came Sarah and her band. I Love her style. Can't rally tell from the pics but she had a cool outfit on.

Sarah said she loved playing for basically her hometown crowd. She loved seeing all the people she knew. There was even one girl in the audience that had sarah and the band play at her wedding, and the bride got up in her wedding dress and played guitar

Sarah and the broken singles are amazing to see live. They have so much energy and so much fun on stage. You can't help but smile when you see them play. She covered most of her first cd and did some new songs as well. They said the new cd should be out next spring! I'm so happy for that because my favorite song they do is a rock song called "Stop and think it over boy" and I'm guessing it will be on the next cd.

Like I said, they are funny to watch. One of her bandmates I think messed up her hair so she sang the next line in the song how they went to the salon and got perms.
The best part was when she said the next song she would be singing was about killing someone. So she asks us "What would you kill someone with?" She wants us to say shotgun, because that is the weapon used in the song. Someone shouted out "Ice pick" and then someone else said "Snow Plow" So everytime during the song when she should have said shotgun she said "Ice pick" or "Snow Plow"

Everyone should see one of their shows! Only 13 bucks! The place was packed too. So awesome. You can check them out at

Today we went for Brunch for Mo's birthday! It was very fun! Why was it so hard to get a glass of water...and yes...I keep reminding myself that I served cranberry sauce for the needy! Haha

Everyone naturally had to take this picture in front of the cow mailbox

Jamie sold/gave away??? random musical instruments from his car. Joelle walked away with a horn instrument I think) she has no idea how to play!

Happy birthday MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Photo of the day

Tell me these guys are not scary...go on. I dare you.

Seth Cohen Quote/Scene of the day
Summer-I want to meet the nana
Seth-yeah you really don't though. Believe me
Summer-Well I love old people. They are sooo cute
Seth-yeah well the nana....not so cute
Summer-Really? She's ugly?
Seth-No she's just scary
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