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"You rewind it all the time"

-I just have to say Justin Timberlake is my favorite host on SNL. This episode wasn't as funny as the last time he hosted but the first half of the show I couldn't stop laughing. The chipmunks song! And the target skit was funny! and they brought back two of the sketches....his advertising/singing character (Loved it) and I was so happy they did the Barry Gibbs Talk show again. Again, not as funny as the last time but I was just so happy to see that sketch! I got that on tape, because I wondered if they were going to do it again! It's my favorite snl sketch ever! And I really liked his new song he has out.

-Watched POTC:DMC twice this weekend. Gosh I just love that movie...besides my obvious sparrabeth obsession we get scruffington who I adore in this movie, yet hated in the first movie! Oh well!

-I was shocked when I went to see my therapist this past week and I saw my four framed photographs hanging in the hallway of the office. At first they were just in her office but now she put them in the main hallway and she said they have gotten a lot of compliments. She told me to run and get my dad to see them up on the wall so I did. He was impressed! It's nice to see my stuff hanging in an establishment!

-the Oc's Chrismukkah episode was good. I love Taylor so much. Anyway my favorite part was Seth's song "I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIFEEEEEE! I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Still I don't think we'll ever top season two's chrismukkah episode...with "Laura"...uh I mean "Lindsey"

-My godmother's husband saw and met the guy from "GhostHunters" when they were at some car place in RI. He was very excited, or so I heard. Man, why wasn't I there? I really like that show. And of course I would have had my camera on me so I would have gotten a picture.

-Ok my mom made the FUNNIEST comment this week. My aunt and I were talking about that new movie "Night in the museum" or "Night at the Museum" (Whatever it's called) and My mom says. "They stole that movie from the Da Vinci Code" Now first of all my mom has never read that book or even seen the movie but even if she had she'd know that it's not like this new museum movie. Yes part of the Da Vinci code takes place in a museum but nowhere in the movie does Jesus come to life from the last supper painting or anything like that! I'm going to be laughing about this one for weeks

So Since nothing really all that interesting happened this week, I've decided to rewind things back to last weekend when me and my aunts and mom got lost about 15 minutes from my house. So let's take a trip backwards

Ok let's go back a little further. Sometime during last week I was riding around with Dina at night and she had mentioned there was this spectacular lit up house near godmother's house which you could see from the water. Well we saw it from the water but we wanted to get a closer look so pretty much in total darkness we somehow managed to easily find the house. I like the idea of a house covered in lights but it's a bit overdone with all the stuff in the yard

Me being such a "great" photographer was able to take these lovely pictures of it! Yeah that's snoopy sitting on top of his dog house. Ok that is cute

See? There's a lot going on in this a very blurry christmas

Ok pictures are slightly getting better here....snowman and rudolph in a hot air balloon-Missy don't even think about singing the song-just don't.

Ok I like the red lit up roof. It looks very festive. To the right are reindeer in flight. Yeah, just trust me on that. I could have said it was a snake shooting out poisonous venom but I didn't because I don't lie like that!

So cut to that weekend-I'm out with my aunts and my mom and Dina says we should show them the house. Godmother tells her to go in one direction but Dina insists on trying to find it like she did with me last time. Well 15-20 minutes go by and we are lost in Swansea! Swansea! How do you get lost there? We kept going around and around, ending up in dead ends, beaches...we were going everywhere except for the christmas house.

I saw this restroom supply place about 500 times and by that time I was ready to use a restroom.

We were lost for so long in such a stupid location that I just got out my camera. I don't think Dina liked the fact that I was flashing my camera at her while she was trying to get us un-lost.

Godmother ate her fingers (It prevented her from getting mad)

Oh dear lord how do we get lost in Swansea? This is too funny/sad

At least I had brought my drake bell cd for everyone to listen to

I don't think this is the right house but it was another one decorated for the holiday. Angels watch over Penguins in this household...what about the poor sheep? I Don't think there were any penguins present when Jesus was born.

Santa on an plane! (We had found the house)

But then we got lost again trying to find our way out, it didn't help that Dina was talking on the phone and she can't really concentrate on doing both things at the same time. All godmother wanted to do was go home (About 5 minutes away) and because dina was talking on the phone she was getting us lost on roads we actually knew
So godmother put a curse on her! Yeah that's how our family works!

Random Photo of the day

We got back to godmother's house and found that her camel in her manger scene definitely had some problems. He was a little drunk....either that or that manger really smelled bad.

Seth Cohen Quote of the day

(Summer is trying to study Hebrew to impress the nana-Seth is talking on the phone)

Seth-I gotta go. Summer's having a Hebrew Hernia
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