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the game that took two years to play

-I am sooooooo mad. Drake Bell was supposed to be performing on New Years Eve on FOX. This how it was advertised everywhere so I assumed it was on regular FOX because that's all it said so I set my tape. Well I checked my tape and he wasn't on FOX special at all. I go online today and find out that he was actually on the fox news channel. I wouldn't be so mad if all he had sang was "I know" because that's what he sings on all his appearances pretty much. But he sang "Happy xmas the war is over" He's been playing that at his recent concerts as well. I have never heard Drake sing a beatles song much less any of the beatles solo songs. I want to hear this sooooo badly. Apparently you can download the performance but I can't get it to download. I'm hoping a friend will come through for me if she saw the performance and send me her tape of it so I can make a copy. GRRRRR. So frustrating!

New Years Eve and New Years Day/fake hangover day totally made up for the horrible christmas and horrible week I've been having.

I am a serious french spy

Except when I'm totally crazy

Or have eaten a sour lemon (Actually I quite like lemons)

I use my camera to shield my face...the display screen is my new eye patch (Did I even have an old one??)

So missy/jamie held a party at their house on NYE! Is this Jamie's cool old viewfinder or my new halloween mask?

Oh yeah! The count!

Jamie used the tv's music channels to put on sounds of the season which included various songs that had nothing to do with the season. "Push it" came on. Uh what season is that song ever appropriate. But it made us dance.

Look at missy dancing and sparkling at the same time! WHOOOOOO!

I dance in a polite manner. I have 3 dance moves people. Get over it!

Made Up caption
Missy-My hair is in my face! I can't see what it is that I'm grabbing at!
Denise-Yeah? Well I'm holding my breath until you give me this bag! I might be dead soon.

Everyone wanted some viewmaster action

Made up Caption

Denise-Flying Saucer's look so good on me. It's fun having green men living on top of your head

Made up Caption
Missy-This party is sooo lame....this sandwich is sooo lame....lame lame lame.
Denise-Empty paper plates are so interesting. I could just stare at them for hours
Amanda-Ew! There is a bug in my drink
Jamie-Alcohol solves everything!
Karl-I'll get that bug out of that cup for you amanda. I trained in cover tossing for the 1996 olympics!

Woah we have the same smile....a little creepy. We did not rehearse that. Who rehearses smiles? Well if anyone did it would be me but I swear I did not practice this smile.

Amanda and I took like 10 minutes to figure out a good group picture to take. It started out with everyone looking up at Jamie...but then I was like....maybe they could all be giving him condiments and then that turned into people giving the christ child gifts/condiments so we handed out condiments/food......another made up caption

Mo-Why did I have to be the person to hold the bread. The Christ child doesn't even have teeth to eat the bread
Missy-I present this dip to you. No that doesn't mean you are a dip. Christ you are reading too much into this
Heather-I am so happy to be bring you nuts because from the look of you that's exactly what you are. I thought you would be more serene
Amanda-Dude you so need some mustard. What growing baby doesn't want Mustard?
Evan-Maybe I'll give you the pickles....maybe I won't. Yeah I'm like that.
Karl-Oh it is so sad. I don't want to give away this horseradish
Jamie/Christ child-I pretend to be Godzilla....oh wait I just need Vodka

After eating (Denise had already left early) we all settled down to play trivial pursuit pop culture edition/DVD game.

This was our first time playing it and I've decided it's the only edition of this game I like that I've played. We grouped into fierce teams.

Team Evan/Heather (Heaven) The "Fighting Heavens" These fists were made for fighting. They love yo yo's, watching hotdogs being made in high speed, doing magic tricks, and playing Kongo Bongo (HAHAHA)

Team Amanda and Karl (Kamanda) The "Fighting Kamandas" These two play dirty. One player clearly has more delight when they fight....smiles or not they both mean business. They don't know who sings the family ties theme song, play games from a distance, are on a double dutch team and walk around their homes on their hands.

Team Mo and Rachel (Mochel) The "Fighting Mochels" Don't let the small guns fool you, they know how to play this game and play it right! They hate sports questions, long commercials, and oak trees. They enjoy bad acting and sing at local bars on the weekends.

Team Missy and Jamie (Mamie) The "Fighting Mamie's" Clearly the fiercest team. One look scares the competition away. They enjoy hula hoops, and talking for cats. They play gerbil tossing in their free time and hang upside down from the ceiling whenever it is possible

The game was a lot of fun (Wish Kamanda could have stayed for the whole game, but they are responsible parents) Evan's Kongo Bongo (I think that was what he said) answer made me almost pee in my pants, it totally wasn't fair that on Mochel's first pie piece dvd question which was on sports and games (already a subject we didn't like) we had to sit through what we thought was the question but was really just a commercial. Mamie and Heaven took early leads and it seemed like team Mochel would never catch up but just as the 2006 was ending and 2007 was starting (Yes it took 2 years to play this game) Mochel was on a hot streak and caught up fairly quickly. This was surely a sign that 2007 would be a good year. We never really finished the game because we all had our pie pieces and all we had left was the winning question. Well both Mochel and Mamie had chances at it but blew it and nobody was ever rolling the correct amount to get to the center circle so we just gave up. I'm just proud my team got all the pie pieces. That never happens for me.

It was late and it was decided heather/evan would sleep overnight with missy and Jamie and Mo would stay over back at my house. Plans were made for the next day (Fake Hangover Day) Where I was determined we would play VHS clue because I've heard about this game for years and I was afraid by the time i got to play it VHS would be totally out of style.

Before Bed Heather turned into a ghost! (But a good one, kind of like Casper, but cooer, not that I know that much about Casper but I don't think he's too cool.....I mean come on the friendly ghost? Not cool)

Then the virgin Mary paid us a visit but it was too late. She had already missed the people giving her son various foods/condiments.

On New Years Day We all met again and chilled for a while, just talking and stuff. Fun!

Then we finally played VHS CLUE

Oh it was everything I hoped for (though a bit confusing at first) You have to watch a set of scenes to pick up clues and there are several murders going on that you have to figure out. And you have clue cards to help you out. The bad acting was the best (Do you know how many teddy bears kill people every year?/The Teddy bear slap haha) and figuring stuff out was cool! Jamie won, but by the time he won everyone else had figured the whole thing out.

After everyone left I made Jamie and Missy watch POTC:DMC. Jamie had never seen it before. For me this marks my 7th time seeing it. I never get tired of it. I had also previously watched Tn'T's commentary and it was very interesting and I took away from it that we could have a pro J/E ending.

oh and thanks to joelle/jesse for having us over....we really needed that.

2006 was great for the most part, actually one of the best years. Lets hope 2007 is great as well. Happy New Years Everyone!

Random Photo of the day

Creepy Red Eyed Santa....guess where this photo was taken? Home goods is right.

Seth Cohen Quote/Scene of the day

(Seth walks into the pool house while Ryan is getting dressed)
Seth-Hey! Woah! (He looks away) Sorry. I'm surprised that hasn't happened before. I'm not saying I'm disappointed it hasn't happened before. I'm just saying the mathematical probability
Ryan-Yeah. Crying during chick flicks, walking in on me getting dressed...
Seth-Yeah? What is your point ok? I'm not seeing what you are getting at....hey do you work out?
Ryan-Not really
Seth-Cool. Me neither. I'm gonna go watch some hockey
Ryan-Hockey season is over
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