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Rachel's week in food

-Saw little miss Sunshine with Missy and Jamie. I enjoyed it. I love the little actress that plays Olive. I loved her in "Signs" too. She's sooo talented. I saw her on Conan and she's just so charming.

-FRASIER FRASIER FRASIER! That's what winter break has been all about. I am truly obsessed with this show. I'm trying to watch all the episodes in order so that everything makes sense (even though I know that I've seen some out of order) I now have the dvd seasons 1-4. 6, 8, and the final season (finally saw the high holidays episode). I've watched seasons 1-4. a lot of good episodes. "Marta has pronoun problems" HAHA. Missy I'm sooo showing you that one. Plus I finally got to see the Moon Dance episode. It was amazing. So many emotions you feel watching that episode. Totally one of my all time favorites...oh and Martin writing the song for Frank Sinatra? Classic. The best part is that I've gotten my mom and aunt into watching the show now too and on Friday's we have Frasier Friday where we go to my aunts house and have mini marathons. It's great!

-This is supposed to be vacation...time off when you are not supposed to be busy but i have so much stuff to do. Of course it's stuff like do livejournal, watch Frasier, practice piano, read books, put new cd's onto my ipod which is all leisure activities but for me (and if you know me this isn't news to you) because of my OCD this all becomes chores to me and I drive myself nuts trying to do everything. Today I'm trying to do LJ, Practice Piano (Why oh why did I choose "The point of no return" to play? Two right hands? What the heck? I still haven't even touched that song. And Maybe I'll put the songs on my ipod. There's just so little time in a day....maybe there would be more if I woke up a lot earlier...then again I'm going to bed like at 2-3 am lately.......
-Missy in the category of stuff I'm going to make you watch (besides Frasier which I know you will watch with me) I have to make you see this weekend's Drake and Josh. It was the best episode ever. Hands down. And Josh wasn't really even in the episode which was weird. It was all about the secondary cast and it was awesome and it ends with a musical number. I laughed so hard. DORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not too much has happened this week so I've decided to do a short post on my eating habits this past week. Totally boring right? It involved lots of cookies and other stuff....oh and why does Rachel Ray now have a children's cd out of her favorite kids songs? I like Rachel Ray but now her overexposure is starting to bug me.

So my aunt bought me some cookies

She also bought me a blueberry pastry of some sort

I'm a little suspicious of the pastry....what will this blueberry taste like??? blueberry I assume. That's me using my fantastic detective skills

I was going to put my whole face in the tea but then just decided that would look silly. I hate looking Silly? No way!

Eating cookies while watching Frasier! Everyday should be like this

I rest my chin on a turkey sandwich....that's what gives it it's flavor.

WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!No better drink than water. And I've decided to be French while I drink it

From now on I will use cookies instead of my mouth to show emotion...this is the surprised cookie face. I quite like it.

Bologna knew it had to come at some point didn’t you?

Cookie Pizza! Those sprinkles made a mess

Melon! I’ve decided to be french again....but also from my shirt I’m English. I can’t decide what nationality to be. It was a confusing day. ‘Ello Mademoiselle.

We’ll conclude the week with me hovering over my soup! Or casting spells on it! Whatever. It was good.

Clearly this was not all I ate this week....I surprised dina by how fast I finished off those cookies (of course not the chocolate ones) but I went through them quickly. They were just so good. And fun to look at! Yes I’m weird. Deal with it. you just went through a whole entry of me and food. You are weird too...haha

Random Photo of the day

If it’s creepy we have it. That should be the slogan for home goods. Come on a snowman with pointed teeth? No, that’s not scary at all she said sarcastically.
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