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Dude! It's her NOT a birthday

On Sat a whole bunch of us got together to celebrate Joelle's not a birthday. Her birthday was in december and we were supposed to do something then but she got sick so we held the celebration yesterday.

Missy, Jamie, Amanda and I got to the bowling alley kind of early so we stood around and amused ourselves. You know those machines were you try and use the claw like thing to get toys out of but you never can? Well we saw 3 kids in a row from the same family each win a big toy from the machine. It was amazing. Of course the machine wasn't too stuffed with stuff but still I was impressed!

The bowling pins were all glow-y. I liked it. I'm also convinced our lane was magic because I got two strikes in one game and generally both missy and I were playing better than ever!

The alley was one I had never been to before and it was very packed. I've never seen so many people at a bowling alley. Someone actually had pizza delivered there

Joelle forgot her camera but then realized I was there and I would take care of things. See? I'm good for all sorts of things! Vegan Cupcakes! Whoohoo! But Joelle please don't eat the book. I'm sure that isn't vegan!

I laughed so hard when Joelle told me "Your pocket is showing" and I said "Is that code for something?" and I totally thought my fly was down. "No. Your pocket is showing" so I look down and the inside of my pocket is coming out.

They played Music Videos there. Amanda danced to the "Joker" video. She's pushing down an imaginary child that is under her hand! She doesn't want them in the picture. Imaginary children don't show up in pictures anyway silly! Meanwhile Mo makes best use of her hands in the back ground.

Ok then the door's "LA Woman" came on. SCARY! with a capital SCARY!

OMG! NEON JESUS WAS THERE. He is so my hero, which is why he always assumes the hero pose.

Look at me! I'm sitting all by myself in an alley. I'm poor and need some bread! (Ok well it was a bowling alley but I still want that bread)

Oh! Cotton Eye Joe dance time! I think Jamie got confused and was doing the Pee Wee Herman Dance. (We are not Pee Wee and his angels....But I so want to be on the "Who Cares?" Team)

Oh! Bohemian Rhapsody time! Yes this was this head banging part! Beware of those that head bang in public! They get ice cream headache's if they bang too fast. ("I learned that if you kiss her too fast you get an ice cream headache!" Sorry had to throw that in. My inner frasier geek comes out)

MADE UP CAPTION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan-I'm being nonchalant. Look at me being nonchalant
Joelle-My claw is sooo going to get you
Amanda-This water tastes like not water. Gross!

Mo-So then I was like get out of my way or I'll squish you like a grape. I'm an expert on grapes and squishing things!
Amanda-Do you mind if I practice my song for church choir?
Heather-God is coming! Look he's over here
Missy-No! He's so over here! Can't you see the light in my eyes? Oh wait that's just neon jesus reflecting in my eyes!

Joelle-Help! I've got hair in my face! Help!
Heather-Ha Ha. You've got hair in your face (Better than in the shower)

Then over to Joelle's

Random bits of dialogue I found funny

Joelle counting the windows-1, 2, 3, no, no, yes, yes, yes

Joe-I wonder where Jenny is?
Jesse(Talking in another conversation but Joe and I thought he was answering the question. He was actually talking about the cat) She's always in the laundry room. I don't know why

Mo...You're as cold as ice....

Me befriending a plant part 2. Plants/plants/plants

So what's the steps? Suck it then what???? (I'll take 500 please)

We're selling cats now! We had to make some money somehow! Selling Nylons on the street corner doesn't exactly pay the bills

Games! I watched it being played like 3 times and I'm still not sure of the rules

Joe was forbidden to touch the napkins but he could touch the food!

Random Photo of the day!

The last of the creepy snowman trilogy. A tree with snowmen heads on it. Again this is just plain wrong!

Seth Cohen Quote of the day

(Seth/Summer arrive in Marissa's still mostly unpacked room to fix things up)
Seth-I like what she's done with the place. The cardboard boxes. It feels very ..uh I'm getting a garage sale vibe
Summer-They say your external life influences your internal life
Seth-Yeah? Who says that?
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