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Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…..The Tale of the Scariest LJ Post

-I’m all done watching all of the “Are you afraid of the dark” episodes. Have I mentioned that Dad likes to Call “Sardo” (However you spell that) Ernie K Fardo, which he says is a real person and has something to do with the song “Mother in law”. He’ll go “No Mister. Accent on the K” which cracks me up so hard. That and dad saying “freaky ricky” over and over again. Gee I wonder where I get my randomness from? During an evening out with my aunts we put him on speaker phone at Burger King where Godmother asked him really seriously “Do you know Ernie K Fardo? Accent on the K?” and then he started singing “mother in law” to all of Burger King. Anyway I’m sad that we’re done watching the episodes but now we are going to start on “So Weird”

-Missy and I saw an elderly man getting a pedicure at Providence Place mall. He’s cooler than me. But it doesn’t take a lot to be cooler than me

-I swear the caller on the radio said “I have a 3 yr old, a 7 yr old and a license to kill”

RACHEL’S TV REVIEW(Skip what you want)
OLTL-”Back in the Saddle” …and ready to ride. Was Friday’s episode awesome or what? Mom and I watched it twice. Are they naming episodes now? That’s awesome. Jared/Natalie finally giving in to their feelings, cute Starr/Cole scenes, Markko telling Dorian that Langston was pregnant, The “big” reveal between John/Thalia/Antonio and the masterful Blair/Todd scenes. TSJ was emmy worth. “They’re all going to pay” God he gave me chills. Congrats to Brian Kerwin for picking up an emmy nod and to the show itself for getting nominated. I’m sorry but Brandon Buddy should have got a nom.

AI-NEIL DIAMOND night. Oh this is so the best season ever. Ok so Jason…god that wasn’t good. Not awful, but he’s capable of so much more. I agreed that Brooke was bad on her first song but picked it up for “I am I said” Archie was pretty good, Syesha had two good vocals, but of course David Cook stole the show. Probably the only contestant who was praised and not bashed (as what happens usually) for picking songs that are not well known. Even Dina, said Cook was the best and that she loves him. I don’t care if Paula did get screwed up because of “rehearsals” but come on…how thrown off could she be because she had to take notes? Dude, I take notes and I don’t get messed up. No excuses. It really is at a point now where everyone is pretty good so Brooke going home was just a matter of time. It was hard seeing her so emotional. AI extra-OMG! Cook is such a dork with his lame jokes and telling them over and over again. “Hey archie..wanna hear a joke” That segment was made of WIN.

Robin Hood-Oh I’m really obsessed with this show. Sir Guy is totally my new “it” character. Maybe it’s because he’s sort of evil, and maybe it’s because he kind of looks like Azazeal. I actually really like all of the characters on this show.

DW-”Fires of Pompeii” Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode, though not as good as partners in crime. There was a lot of emotion and laughs and danger so that’s all good. I don’t like CGI creatures (Guys, do you remember Azazeal morphing in Hex Ep2?) so I didn’t like the volcanic creatures, though I loved the stone creature (not CGI, I believe) I couldn’t help but think of the DW book “The stone Rose” and kind of wished they had done a episode on that story because overall that was a better plot than FoP, but oh well. The part that bugged me was that it didn’t truly feel like they went back in time, which obviously they didn’t, and I know they went on location to film and everything, but it didn’t capture the time quite like the Shakespeare Code did last year. The scenes with the sisterhood totally reminded me of “Help” and I had to laugh. Anyway, like I said there were plenty of good moments such as
1.Donna testing the TARDIS translator
2.”Oi. Don’t get clever with me in Latin”
3.TARDIS, time lord, yeah…donna, human, no.
4.Mr and Mrs Spartacus
5.The downside to being a prophet and knowing it’s going to rain
6.Ten “Just us girls”
7.”You fought her off with a water pistol. I bloody love you”
8.”Don’t get yourselves in a lava”
9.Come with me
10.Catherine Tate doing a fantastic job with her dramatic scenes, still a bit shouty in this episode, but I love the way she doesn’t take a bull from Ten, she calls things the way she sees them, and she reins him in

Wed…I think it was Wed, Dad and I went up to Newport.

It’s a Sunshine-Y Day

I love Flowees

Dad’s a restroom attendant “Hi. The Restroom is closed. But there’s a nice bush over there. Knock yourself out”

Stop in the name of love. My guarding would be more believable if I didn’t weigh 95 pounds and had longer arms.

My dad can levitate crumpled aluminum…..can yours???? Unless your dad is GOD or David Blaine than my guess is no. My dad rules in every way

So Dad and I decided that this area of Newport would be perfect to form our own midnight society. Get ready to scared now….creepy shaped log man…who does look creepy in every way…was looming right near us and we never noticed. I’m sufficiently twigged! Twigged is my new word for creeped out!

Dad-One is a very lonely number. Michael Jackson is the scariest person. Charles Manson who?
Me-I’m sorry. Do you have egg in your beard?

I put the camera on a rock, set the timer and scary things happened. Scary zoom!

Dad’s bad breath is the reason for my panic attacks!

The spooky way to raise the roof

It’s kind of like stardust

These aren’t even the pretty pictures

This isn’t the wind-it’s how I will wear my hair for the rest of my life.

Why is there a fire hydrant when there is the OCEAN behind it?

The 2009 fashion look. Everyone is going to be wearing it. Brooks is so 2008

Sunday was mom’s birthday. I told you this would be scary. She’s a sea creature from the deep. It took 59 years for her to show her true self

Mom, we sing “happy birthday” on your birthday…we don’t say the “Our Father”

The “let’s place out hands all over mom” picture

Missy-Can’t you tell I use a tongue scraper?
Jamie-How can I look at your hair and not want to grab it
Mom-I’m letting out a silent cry for help

Beware my mom’s hair. Once it gets in your eyes…it can never get out

My b-day card to mom

When I don’t look in the mirror to put up my hair I end up looking like Mrs. Lovitt and Gary Oldman in Dracula-Mr. Burns in the Halloween Simpons Dracula

I hatch golden eggs in my hair

Gary Oldman plays the invisible pipe organ

Should Mr. Burns (As Dracula) be wearing a cross bracelet? Not that it’s a cross, it’s just that he doesn’t want to look gay

Random Photo of the day

I asked Jamie what celebrity this man looked like. He said someone with a diseased face. I say William H Macy. Discuss.
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