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Friends only Journal. If you would like to be my friend just respond to my last open post and I will be happy to add you.

Hey! I'm Rachel and you will never find me without my camera. I take pictures constantly, love listening to music. Niles Crane could almost be the Tv version of me...except that he's male and is far more educated than I am. But the quirks of Niles Crane.....that's me in a nutshell. Beatles are the best band Ever! I think I was born in the wrong time...though what would I do without all these great technological advances? Something about evil bad guys I can't get enough of. Azazeal? Caleb Morley? vampires are love as well as POTC. Applebees stalker rocks! My friends and family mean everything to me. I'm pretty much the most random person I know and that's fine with me. I'm not your typical 24 year old.I'm not quite sure why I am not dating David Tennant or Rupert Grint! Addicted to TEN!and Doctor Who!

If I had a horse you bet I would name it Arthur

) napoleon dynamite, 4th of july, 60's music, a walk to remember, across the universe, alison barrington, american idol, azazeal, bbc america, benny and joon, billie piper, blood ties, bowling, brooke white, caleb morley, captain awesome, captain jack harkness, cassie hughes, chocolat, chuck, chuck/morgan, constantine maroulis, dark shadows, david cook, david hyde pierce, david tennant, dawsons creek, doctor who, drake and josh, drake bell, edward cullen, edward/bella, elizabeth swann, emma watson, finding neverland, franz ferdinand, frasier, ghosts, gq, halloween, harry potter, help (movie, henry fitzroy, hex, hysterics, ianto jones, jack/ianto, jason castro, joey/pacey, johnny depp, kaiser cheifs, keane, keira knightley, klaatu, kristen alderson, kyle schmid, lindze letherman, livvie locke, locksley, lost, mcfly, michael easton, michael fassbender, michael johns, mick/coraline, monk, moonlight, musicals, neil diamond, niles crane, niles/daphne, one life to live, owen harper, owen/tosh, photography, pirates of the caribbean, port charles, rafe kovich, randy disher, robin hood, ron/hermione, rooney, rose tyler, rupert grint, sarah borges, scott clifton, secret window, seth cohen, seth/summer, sir guy, sirius black, smoothies, snow patrol, sparrabeth, ten/master, ten/rose, the 4400, the beatles, the bravery, the mediator series, the monkees, the oc, the others, the redwalls, the rewinds, the shins, the sixth sense, the turtles, the zombies, torchwood, travis, twilight, vampires